Community Music School Benefit Concert

Trampled Under Toys

Rock n Roll never dies and that is the case for Trampled Under Toys (TuT). After the demise of M3, a Raleigh rock cover band, Charles Cadwell (lead guitar) Dan Rutt (drums) and Julian Kaufmann (bass) reunited to form an Aerosmith tribute band. A short while later Bob Maillet (guitar) joined the group adding musical texture to an already rock-solid foundation. The music was ready - but there was one major piece missing – the voice. Enter Kim Russert, a Buffalo, NY gal who can belt them out, and this powerhouse quintet was complete.
Recognizing their varied musical tastes and talents the group expanded their material beyond Aerosmith to include Zeppelin and other rockers. TuT was named in honor of the best classic rock bands from both sides of the pond and the band’s resilient desire to keep on rockin'.

For fans of: Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin

Sometimez... Why?

It all began many years ago in a land far away(Two hours east, Wilmington) When mutual friends Brian Willis(guitar)and Stevie "G" (vocals) met and cultivated a friendship and relationship that years later became Sometimez...Why? . With the addition of James Rogers on drums, the band solidified its core lineup. A groovy rock sound had emerged from this Raleigh-based band and was the evolution of Sometimez...Why? . With the final addition of Craig Lamm on base in the summer of 2012, the band is now whole.

The Platform

$8 online / $10 at the door


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