Before they even had a name a charming young girl called to book the band for their very first show. M-O-R-G-L-B-L were the first letters to came to mind.

Led by French guitarist extraordinaire Christophe Godin and anchored by the phenomenal Ivan Rougny on bass, Morglbl gained international acclaim through their first two albums in 1997 and 1998.  Years of excessive touring saw the band's reputation grow till a break was needed. But in 2007 Morglbl came roaring back with their 3rd critically acclaimed album, Grotesk, which earned them an invitation to play at the 2008 NEARfest in Pennsylvania.  The audience was simply astounded and cheered the band to a double encore ~ a first in the ten year history of the festival for an opening band. Over 400 CD's were sold in 30 minutes!

2008: Christophe was voted the world's 4th best guitarist of 2010 in a GuitarPart magazine readers poll - only behind Gus G., Joe Bonnamassa, and Joe Satriani. That same year drummer Aurelien Ouzoulias joined Morglbl, bringing a new kick to the band's music. Highly sought for sessions and performances, Ouzoulias added his unmistakable style to the band's 4th album, 2009's Jazz for the Deaf.

Morglbl's live performances are a crazy mix of jazzy moods, fat, funky grooves and substantial chunks of metal all served up with a Zappa-like humor.  Some describe it as Primus meeting Steve Vai.  Morglbl hits like a heavyweight jab and makes you laugh…it's "jazz for deaf people!"

Witch Fist

Witch Fist is a Post-Prog Rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, featuring members of past Philly bands such as Brass, Engine We're a Forest, and I Am Alaska.

Witch Fist is loud and heavy, soft and pretty, wherever the musical ebb and flow takes us, a constant dialogue between little brain and big brain.

Our self titled debut album is available now via Itunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc..

Album release announcement from Radio Static (

"Witch Fist released their debut self titled album on 11/18/14 and if you haven’t heard of these guys yet, I’m really excited to actually be the first to introduce them to you. With quite possibly the best vocal work I have heard in town complete with vibrato, harmonies and ultra-high range, their singer completely fucking kills it on this album! The music isn’t far behind either! The intricately heavy guitar work, rumbling bass lines and completely crushing drumming make up an amazing line up of musicians on this album. Their style, to me, is a mixture of Circa Survive, Tool, and Explosions in the Sky, but those comparisons aren’t wholly accurate as they introduce elements that none of those bands have in their sound. Most notably their bluesy as fuck, while incorporating shredding guitar solos and electronic work."

$10.00 - $12.00


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