Chandler's Bday Bash/The Zine Issue #4 Release Party featuring Colorsphere, Loud Valley, Your Favorite Color, Day Joy


Loud Valley

"I know it's weird, but I figured it would be fun," says Loud Valley front man "I love Athens. We have lots of good relationships here, and it's a beautiful city."

Loud Valley

In fact, after supporting Futurebirds on a Florida tour, Loud Valley recorded six songs off its debut self-titled release here in Athens with Futurebird Thomas Johnson and local musician Eddie Wheeler.

But despite all the Georgia love, Reed says he wanted a record that "sounded like Florida."

"We were going for a really dreamy folk thing, something that sounded hot," he says. And they pretty much nailed it. You know how your mind gets kind of soggy on those oppressively humid days? Loud Valley captures that hazy, lumbering feeling plus the sweet relief of an occasional ocean breeze which wafts in the form of delicate, four-part harmonies.

"That's what I wanted to shoot for from the get-go having harmonies consistently throughout the songs and learning to do those dynamically well. Every time you hear a good harmony, it makes the hair on the back of your neck raise."

Reed says that for this group—which features Artie Burer (bass and vocals), Michael Serrin (drums and vocals), Joey Davoli (trumpet, vocals) and Melanie Valentich (trumpet)—the harmonies came easily from the start, but those arrangements are something they have really focused on hashing out since their last Athens show. And yes, you did see two trumpet players listed. That is another signature element of Loud Valley's sound.

"I've always had an affinity for trumpets," says Reed. "I just love the sound of it, and I like to use instrumentation symbolically—certain instruments trigger certain emotions…"

--Flagpole Magazine

Your Favorite Color

Geramy Layug (of the band Saskatchewan) creates epic, flowing, lovable, atmospheric indie songs as his solo project Your Favorite Color.

Day Joy

Day Joy is Dream Folk from the lovely land of Orlando FL.

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