Landlady, #1 Kid, Touching


Landlady is the songs of Adam Schatz (Man Man, Father Figures, Zongo Junction, Those Darlins) realized and made infinitely better by a crack team of superfriends (Ian Chang, Booker Stardrum, Ian Davis, , Mikey Freedom Hart). Tonight's show will feature a special appearance by the Brass Magic horn section.

#1 Kid is a lovely group of gents who play the chamber- bounce, bathroom dance music of Adam Dotson. An offshoot of the indie pop/ afro-beat group Rubblebucket, #1 Kid is in its first year of life and has recently released their debut recording; an EP called Boytones produced by #1 Kid/Rubblebucket guitarist Ian Hersey. It has been called "provocative" and "cute" and "fun". Also "sick". "Great music to dance to or go to the bathroom to!"


“You know why I’m pulling your leg? Because I can’t touch it from where I am.”

-Gene Simmons

Though Mr. Simmons has built his career on an endless stream of empty rock and roll platitudes, something about the above quote rings true. How do we, as individuals, connect with one another authentically when the virtual, technologically imposed distance between us seems to widen every day? For the band Touching, the best way to touch your legs is to inspire in them a dance-like motion - and maybe pull them a bit, figuratively. Utilizing the skill sets of four ostensibly talented musicians with decades of combined experience (including members of Brooklyn DIY bathroom fixtures Dinosaur Feathers and Motel Motel), Touching tackles skewed pop a la Deerhoof and Jelly-era Flaming Lips; crunchy riffs the likes of which Queens of the Stone Age recklessly exploit; and fantastical diversions as exemplified by 70s prog-rock titans Genesis. Technical acumen and screaming enthusiasm funneled into a direct and engaging sound. Put it this way: have you heard Daryl Hall’s collaborative album with Robert Fripp, Sacred Songs? Touching has, and they think it’s pretty darn good. Touching is currently processing material for its debut album whilst playing shows within its hometown of New York City - and they'll touch that leg from wherever they are, Gene.



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