Appleseed Cast

Appleseed Cast

"While both the mainstream and underground music media has been frantically scouring the scene in search of this generations definitive band, The Appleseed Cast has fit the mold for the majority of its existence without much pomp or circumstance." Skyscraper

"Peregrine... stands with its chest proudly puffed-out, daring you to be unimpressed by its boldness." Magnet

"Des Ark is a whole different animal. Aimée Argote's work is backwoods hippy stuff that is profane and vulgar as any lady has ever been. Her compositions are organic songs that are driven by her soulful voice holding strongly to its southern accent and are driven by acoustic guitars and pianos. If it was not for the grotesquely vulgar and overtly bi-sexual nature of her songs, they would be among the most gorgeous ever composed."

"So, you are at a party, and you see a girl in the corner reading a book and smoking a cig. You approach her because she is kind of cute, but then realize she has pit stains and is wearing a Cat Power shirt. ABORT! ABORT! Now, same scenario, but this time she is wearing a Des Ark shirt. FUCKING AWESOME! That's how much this band (primarily Aimée) rules."

Heartscape Landbreak

At first a side project, now becoming something more. currently recording an ep for each season. most songs are about love for the land and people around me. others about the end of the world.

$10.00 - $12.00


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