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Binary Star

Binary Star is back to change the game once again. The duo of emcees One Be Lo and Senim Silla possess a lethal chemistry greater than the sum of its parts. Trading verses effortlessly, the two can create magic on the mic ranging from intricate storytelling to battle raps. Hailing from Pontiac, Michigan - Lo and Senim originally met in high school and instantly developed a close friendship. However one poor decision that could have easily derailed their career, made the bond between them stronger and more focused. An armed robbery conviction landed them both in prison for a three-year sentence and during this time Binary Star officially came into existence in 1995. Upon their release, Lo and Senim had grown more mature, focused, and immediately began recording what would evolve into M.O.T.U. and the classic song "Reality Check." Binary also had plenty of beats waiting from longtime friend Decompoze who would co-produce a majority of the album. After initially pressing up CD, vinyl, and tape copies - the Binary Star buzz earned the group a distribution deal that would convert music listeners into loyal fans with the release of M.O.T.U. in 2000. It went on to sell over 25,000 units and showed the viability of independent hip-hop during a time when major labels had begun the commercialization of rap music. Shortly after recording the M.O.T.U. album, the two parted ways claiming creative differences. One Be Lo developed his own solo career by rocking shows across the country. In 2005 his solo debut S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. moved over 22,000 units on Fat Beats. Lo also kept fans happy with several releases on his own Subterraneous Records: Fetus, Stillborn, and Rebirth. This has set the foundation nicely for the highly anticipated B.A.B.Y. with a February 2009 release date on Myx Music Label. Recently reuniting after a 10-year hiatus, Binary Star is back in the studio working on its long awaited follow-up to the classic debut album Masters Of The Universe (M.O.T.U.). Tentatively titled "Light Years Apart," the duo's EP serves as a mere prequel to a full-length LP. ..



BATSAUCE is a producer, musician, & songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. Specializing in organic rugged hip-hop and soul, Batsauce was recently cited by Urb to be the next "it" thing in the world of underground hip-hop production. Flipping both samples and playing live instruments, his productions have featured George Clinton, Bahamadia, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Surreal, Willie Evans Jr, Stacey Epps, The AB's (aka Asamov), Supa Dave West, Vinne Paz, Baje One, and many others. As a producer, Batsauce is the exclusive producer of choice for BBE Records recording artist and soul vocalist Lady Daisey and is a member of the Smile Rays which released albums in the U.S. (Rawkus, 6Hole), Europe (Jakarta), & Japan (Subcontact)

Lady Daisey

Lady Daisey has rocked venues around the globe - from small smokey clubs to massive hip hop festivals - her message is one of love and inspiration, soulfully presented over head noddin' Batsauce beats. Singing since she was 5, Lady Daisey has developed a playful powerhouse style that's sure to grab the attention and steal the hearts of everyone within ear's reach.
Daisey was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up on the road, touring the U.S. with her parent's band. She started singing with them as soon as she could hold the mic, putting her own twist on Top 40 cover artists, such as Michael Jackson, Sister Sledge, Cindy Lauper and Prince. The seed was planted… she was meant to be on stage.
As much as Lady Daisey travels the globe, she's learned to keep life simple and travel light. The most important things are weightless - love, life, music, inspiration, peace - all of which she keeps in her pocket (when she's not wearing it on her sleeve)
Sharing her unique vision with an even more unique voice, Lady Daisey's solo debut is filled with a sense of adventure, passionately singing about her experience as a woman, a traveler, a survivor, an optimist, a dreamer… all over hip-hop infused soul music.


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Binary Star has a new EP out as well as a new album on the horizon. They have selected Club Red in Tempe, AZ to shoot a live video with them on stage, live artists all around the venue and you in the crowd!

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