Remembering Mikey - A Celebration of the Music, Memory and Spirit of Michael Houser ft. Sam Holt, Tori Pater, Eric Martinez, Spanky McCluer, and Andy Clapp w/ Roster McCabe and Don't Stop Please

Sam Holt

After the 2002 passing of forty-year-old Widespread Panic guitarist Michael Houser, Sam Holt, Houser's guitar tech, experienced this moment of clarity as he realized the critical need to make the most of his time. "There were many times he [Houser] told me, 'I want you to go do your own thing. You need to quit teching and go play music,' says Holt.

"And [after he died] that really hit home for me." It was Houser's death that served as the catalyst for Sam Holt to dedicate himself to Outformation.

Although it's clear his more-than-seven-year tenure with Widespread Panic has been instrumental in Holt forming and pursing Outformation, the story really begins with Holt's old friend, bass player and singer Grady Upchurch. "Grady and I go way back and we share a lot of history," explains Holt, "and to be able to make music with someone and connect like that and then also have that shared background is pretty special."

Regardless of whether Holt developed his confident, "hypnotic" style by touring with Outformation, learning at the foot of Michael Houser, sitting in numerous times with Widespread Panic, or by simply tapping into the music in his head, it's a driving factor to the Outformation sound. Having already played for packed stadiums with tens of thousands of screaming fans, Holt is ready to lead Outformation to the masses.

Tori Pater's Big Bad Band

Tori Pater is Denver's favorite rock star.

Roster McCabe

Roster McCabe formed in Minneapolis, MN in 2006. Since that time the band has experimented with many genres, ultimately favoring a blend of electronic dance and rock. The combination of soulful vocals, lush programming and heavy guitar riffs, swirling and intelligent fret work, and an airtight, seemingly veteran rhythm section, RMC creates an elaborate and euphoric sonic landscape.

Roster McCabe is:
Alex Steele (vocals, keyboards)
Michael Daum (Lead Guitar)
Drew Preiner (Guitars, Synths, Vocals)
Jeff Peterson (Drums, Vocals)
Scott Muellenberg (Bass, Vocals)

Roster McCabe sounds like no one and sounds like everyone. The second release of this three-year-old band, Through Space and Time demonstrates a deep, fresh, and inventive approach to modern music by twenty something musicians.

Recorded at the famed Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota and mastered by renowned Brian "BigBassBrian" Gardner, this Minneapolis based quintet has created a new hybrid sound fusing the best of the past 50 years of music into a cohesive, singable multi-genre album. Masterfully dipping into reggae, disco, funk, rock, metal, pop, soul and R&B, summing up this album with a single style would be disingenuous and impossible.

The rhythm section made up of 25 year old Jeff Peterson on drums and 23 year old Scott Muellenberg on bass sound like they've been grooving together for 30 years. The flair of Peterson's drumming never interferes with the deep groove of each song- something sought after but rarely attained by flashy drummers. The metal-esque parallel guitar riffs throughout the album powerfully played by Drew Preiner and Michael David Daum offer a healthy juxtaposition to Alex Steele's soulful vocals.

From the inspiring reggae based "Swords" admitting in these uncertain times that "love might be the only solid ground" to the club-raver instrumental "Soar" including a guitar solo by Daum that sounds like it was lifted from a Manhattan jazz club in the 1970s, the depth of diversity within this collection of songs secures a full-length listen without fatigue.

While Roster McCabe live shows embrace extended arrangements and improvisation, in Through Space & Time each song was crafted with the aid of co-producer Chris Kalgren to highlight the best of what fans have loved about this band for years. Nashville songwriters could take cues from these melodies, while jazz players would marvel at the solos.

With the intricacies of the arrangements, details such as tones, lyrics, vocal harmonies and performances could have been over looked, but every element was meticulously fashioned with Kalgren and co- producer Paul Marino to fit perfectly into this album. Grammy nominated Marino, arguably one of the best mixing engineers in the world, managed to warmly utilize the full sonic sphere while still offering incredible clarity of each recorded element.

The finishing sonic touches were added by mastering engineer Brian "BigBassBrian" Garnder, who has worked with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Dr. Dre.

Through Space & Time reminds you why you love music. Listen with headphones for true ear candy. Funded by fan donations achieved through, Through Space & Time is truly an effort dedicated to Roster McCabe's loyal fan base, who made this endeavor possible.

Playing over 150 shows in 2010, Roster McCabe plans to continue to tour heavily in 2011 promoting this release.

Don't Stop Please

The onstage presence of Don’t Stop Please is truly something to behold. With six members, all of them multi-instrumentalists, their performance area can get a little crowded. Their shows often resemble a circus act as they juggle instruments and change positions, often in the same song. But this is no novelty act. No musical terrain is off limits for Don’t Stop Please, whose music fits nicely into jazz, rock, funk, folk and/or bluegrass. Add that to the stellar songwriting and Anna Horton’s gorgeous Fiona Apple-esque vocals in tandem with frontman Joel Ludford’s own singing voice, and you’ve got it all.

Don't Stop Please has been performing across the state from Eureka Springs to Helena, whether on back porches and large stages, juke joints or in the River Market, they leave crowds wanting more. Their blend of folk music and original tunes keeps your feet tapping and a smile on your face. I've never seen a wider range of ages and backgrounds coming together to enjoy music like I have seen when this band entertains.

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