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Virgin's Family Band

After putting out a couple of bedroom EPs in Miami towards the end of high-school, Gabe and I (Saman) split for college, as many close friends do; I went to North Carolina while Gabe moved up to central FL. Even separated, though, we kept making music together. The ideas we sent back and forth throughout 2011 resulted in three things: our debut album, RGB, under the name VIRGINS, the first of three bicycle tours to date, and Gabe's (inevitable) move up to NC. Virgins Family Band's full line-up came together after a few local shows and much peer-pressuring on our part. The current lineup includes Patrick Terrell on bass, Nate Dierk on electric guitar/aux percussion, and Phil Hamilton on second drumkit. Gabe Reynolds of Morning Brigade played keys with us for some months, but left after an at-capacity hometown show at the Local 506 and after we were finished recording Honeylion at Nightsound Studios in Carrboro. Just before the release of Honeylion, Alan Best joined the crew as resident puppeteer and magic-maker, creating vibrant shadow and paper-mache puppetry that's since become an integral part of our live show. Just over a year after RGB, we understand that we're still young and relatively inexperienced, but so far our run together has been more fulfilling and fun than any of us could asked for. We're in the midst of an incredible 2013; local shows and regional tours, festivals and new friends, new music and new videos galore. We hope you enjoy the music and that if you do, you'll help us spread it to as many people and parts of the world as possible!

The Dust Engineers

Originally conceived to create the fictional home recordings of a nonexistent South Dakotan teenager, The Dust Engineers are in reality a new Brooklyn/Queens-based band. "Ask Bobby Zimmerman about inventing a persona," laughs Zachary Meyer, singer and guitarist. "Sometimes romanticization is better than the real thing." After performing at a Bowery Poetry Club multimedia exhibition, Meyer decided to make The Dust Engineers more than a fantasy, and enlisted Sara Maeder (vocals, tambourine), Erik Rosenberg (guitar, vocals), Jared Harel (drums) and Ryan Egan (bass) to form the band in 2011. Employing twangy bottleneck slides, coed harmonies, and reckless 90s indulgence, their new EP "Bail" was recorded live in the studio rather than by multitracking to a metronome. "One foot on a skateboard and the other in stirrups," replies Meyer when asked about The Dust Engineers' singular sound that proves tough to classify. "We strive for this natural, collaborative writing process, and we let the original vision guide us. We've got an imagined desert muse."

Earth To Eugine

Earth to Eugene began playing live music in the New York City area in 2003. The band played mostly acoustic shows that mixed acoustic guitars with piano and hand drums. Notable gigs through a three year span included shows at Kenny’s Castaway, The Knitting Factory, CBGB Acoustic Galleria, and the Cutting Room.

The group began exploring home recording efforts in 2005 and later that year released a self produced album titled Staring at the World Outside. This album largely reflected the type of acoustic based performances Earth to Eugene was known for playing live. Each track was a unique mixture of acoustic/electric guitars layered with percussion and hand drums. The songs themselves shifted through a variety of rock and alternative sounds creating a truly distinctive album.

Since this time, the band focused exclusively on improving and expanding their recording efforts. In 2008, they released their second album titled The Light Unseen. This album reflected significant change in recording methods as the band combined percussion and hand drums with a full drum set. There was also a greater emphasis placed on synthesizer and piano parts within many of the compositions. The final product moves through a variety of musical genres, while displaying a personal style the band had been developing for years.

2010 was a busy year for Earth to Eugene. The band upgraded their recording abilities and techniques even further, resulting in the creation of an archive of recorded material that was released in a series of albums throughout the year. The Heavy Escape, Terminals and Inner City Gruel each have their own musical flavor and are available as free downloads. In addition, Earth to Eugene worked on a short film for the 48 Film Festival last June titled “Loved Me, Loved Me Not”. The band composed original music for the film as well as contributed existing songs from their albums. Click on the "Film" link above to check out that video.

After a string of shows playing as an acoustic duo in 2012, E2E began playing with other musicians at the start of 2013 and became a 5 piece rock band. The band currently consist of two guitars, bass, drum and keys, and has started playing venues in NYC during the spring.

Wally Nichols

Wally Nichols first got into a band at Brown University where he was a student. He played bass because no one else would. He then toured around the country with his soft/ pop rock band and almost ran The Subdudes's tour bus off the road (by accident) with his tour bus. Not good. After 7 years of working for Atlantic Records (radio promotion), he moved to the country and now plays country leaning, pop rock. He is in pursuit of the perfect 4 minute story set to music!


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