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From the mountains of Colorado, the melodic juggernaut CRYOGEN has been bashing out European-influenced American death metal since 2004. CRYOGEN has gone through 5 drummers in their 5 year existence, but they haven't let that slow them down. They are constantly seeking the path of perfection whether they are in front of a crowd or in the studio. On stage they wear down picks and break their necks to get the crowd going, whether it's a crowd of 30 or 300. CRYOGEN has created a sonic beast that is simultaneously technical and memorable and it's eying your mom. You've heard Meshuggah, Death, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Decapitated, etc. – but you haven't heard their collective bastard child.

Having released 'Premonition' in 2005 and the critically acclaimed 'This Nightmare' in 2007, CRYOGEN is gearing up for the release of their new 6 song EP 'Psalms of Deceit', recorded at MindCycle Studios by Ryan Conner (lead vox, rhythm guitar) and mastered by Alan Douches (Nile, Shadows Fall, Hate Eternal, God Forbid).

CRYOGEN recently made an appearance at the 2008 Indianapolis Metalfest (feat. Divine Heresy, Arsis, The Absence, Threat Signal, and more) and was featured at the 2007 Milwaukee Metalfest (feat. God Forbid, Skinlab, Thy Will Be Done, Flatline, and more). Tour stops in WY, KS, UT, NE, OH, IN, IL, and WI as well as innumerable Colorado dates have cemented their reputation as a brutal live act.

CRYOGEN has been featured in various print magazines, including Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, Metal Maniacs, and Pit. They have also been featured on numerous web review and publication sites receiving praise from the metal underground both nationally and internationally. CRYOGEN is currently endorsed by Madison Amps.


Formed in September 2008 with a different lineup known as "Symptoms Of Corruption." There have been many changes till our current lineup which was made in January 2010. Our goal now is to create more original music, rock some more shows, and add more and more people to our fan base....

Elusive American melodic metal forerunners CELLADOR have manifested themselves once again, in preparation for transfiguration into its newest POWER METAL incarnation! Originally forged at the helm of guitarist Chris Petersen, CELLADOR was conceived with deliberate intention of bringing the European speed and power metal influence to the USA, where the style is virtually nonexistent and unknown. Upon release of their critically acclaimed album "Enter Deception," Cellador took on to bring its music to the metal masses of North America, having toured alongside the likes of metal titans Trivium, All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, Protest The Hero, and many others. Their touring ventures took the band across the USA to Mexico, Canada, and even off to Japan for an appearance at the Loud Park festival. Fast forward to today, where the band has re-emerged after a period of hiatus, into the Colorado metal scene to reignite with a vigor and energy unsurpassed by any previous performance yet! With new music ready, studio time set, the band is ready to begin its next conquest into the North American metal scene and beyond!


Decadence in Decay started as the band What's Been Used in January of 2010 when Scott joined forces with Zane and Cody Steffens to create a new project. After discovering drummer Tyler, the guys set off on a year and a half long search to book shows and play them. After landing a few good shows, guitarist Justin joined the band and things began to take off. Due to the birth of his first daughter, Cody had to leave the band and Matt took over the role of lead vocalist. Upon the realization that the band now had an entirely new look and direction, the guys decided it was time for a name change. They settled on Decadence in Decay, and they're coming to take the metal world by storm.

Public Display of Aggression

We are a group who has endure many trials, tears, and hardships. We hail from, roughly, Denver Colorado. We are a high energy, very aggressive quintet with the sounds of Mudvayne and As I Lay Dying with a message like Rage Against the Machine. We are an aggressive metal group with a punk message. The powerful lyrics and vocals of James Aggression, The guitar skill and speed of Jimmy Shoe, heart stopping powerful Bass of Dashing Kenny Daggers and the gut busting powerful pounding of the drums of Mattitude. All pieced together with some nice rhythm by MANiK. We are the next big thing to come from Denver. Public Display of Aggression will NEVER die! We will NEVER bow! And we will NEVER quit.

$3.00 - $10.00


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