In Dying Arms

Kingdom of Giants

Kingdom Of Giants consists of 5 members from all different backgrounds with 1 thing in common, we all love making music together. We keep it heavy, we keep it clean, we keep it dirty. KOG status.


Reformers was established in 2012 consisting of members of both Chasing Truth and Long Live The King. Reformers exists to bring glory and honor to Jesus, the King of Kings, and lives to see the impossibilities of this world bow their knee to the name of Jesus. Our mission is to establish the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and make known the glory and beauty of the man Christ Jesus to every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

Join us in our mission to see Jesus glorified by setting your heart to live for something more than yourself. Be the remnant that rises up and lives fearless and bold in the face of a world who is desperate for an encounter with God. Be a reformer.

The Fulfillment

The Fulfillment is a band centered around the ideas of spreading positivity and love as well as bringing something new, exciting, and refreshing to the table. Only having been a band for less than a year, they have already started to carve a place for themselves in the scene.

After the quick formation of the band in the late summer of 2012, the group holed up in a basement for months, playing shows here and there. After six months of writing and playing shows the band went up to record their debut EP "Origin" with Jesse Walrath of Six Reasons To Run. Since then they have continued writing and playing shows and are set to record their second release at 37 Studios with Matt Dalton.

Watch out for these dudes.


SMACKFACTOR…This whole project began when formed in late February of 2004. From then on, an unforgettable distinct style of metal has emerged… Tribal infused Power Metal! Smackfactor has the ability to grow on you , grab hold, and never let go! Just ask any of our many loyal fans! This very diverse style of metal is forged by hard working team members with extensive professional backgrounds. Backgrounds not just in metal and hardcore, but also in classical, tribal, folk, jazz and cubanismo (to name a few). Ranking with thier unique sound comes an energetic performance answering the question to the reason why we are in the entertainment business. "You will get your moneys worth" at a SmackFactor show, along with a huge selection of top quality merchandise "we" manufacture ourselves! Yes, SmackFactor owns a full size t-shirt print shop supplying the local and international metal industry! SmackFactor has had the honor of playing with national and local performers in and out of Colorado. Some venues include; The Ogden Theatre, The Aggie Theatre, The Bluebird Theatre, Big City NightClub, Iliff Park Saloon, The Gothic Theatre, Hodis Halfnote and The Dickens Operahouse (to name a few)… SmackFactor is currently gaining an even larger fan base since the new CD release and touring plans are beggining to surface! Success for this group is largely accredited to the "superglue chemistry" formed only through overcoming incredible odds such as scam artist sound engineers— to tactically avoiding local backstabbing politics that only serve to destroy the metal scene. SmackFactor will prove to you on all levels with hard work and determination, you can overcome any obsticle and prosper in your path. We simply won't take "no" for an answer……. Be watching for us………….. We're looking for you……………. (the one and only)……..SMACKFACTOR

it's always sunny in tijuana

We are a lively bunch of Mexican jumping beans.

Courting Disaster

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