Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru, one of reggae's all time super groups and celebrated pioneers are back with a vengeance!

Five-Star General, Duckie Gong Simpson and his Lion Lieutenant, Andrew Bees, lead Black Uhuru's entrancing musical warriors into 2011 in the spirit of the true Rasta. Black Uhuru (which translates as "freedom" in Swahili), remain planted in their cultural roots of musical, political and spiritual convictions.

Back in the day, Black Uhuru broke the mold touring worldwide with The Clash, The Police and Rolling Stones, to name a few. Black Uhuru, the honored recipients of the first Grammy Award ever for reggae music, are at it again and are better and stronger than ever before performing songs from their forthcoming new album as well as their timeless hits.

Black Uhuru, known for their revolutionary attitudes both on and off the stage, unleash upon the world a dynamic production for its veteran fan base to embrace while allowing its new recruitment of fans to experience their inspiring lyrics, layered vocal harmonies, drum and bass rhythms, and the trademark Black Uhuru legacy which is permanently woven throughout music history. Black Uhuru's roots are deep, their shows are fierce and they, like their music, remain innovative and progressive to this day.

Have your ticket ready and don't forget your mind …

All Night Pressure

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