Max Cooper (Live) + Regis (Sandwell District)

Max Cooper

One of RA's top DJs of 2011.

"One of the greatest new talents to emerge on the dance scene in the last few years" -

"Consistently proves himself to be one of the most peerlessly beautiful recording artists in modern dance music" - IDJ

"One to keep a close eye on" - Fabric blog

"Haunting" - Clash magazine

"Beautiful, hypnotic techno that should be listened to by anybody with even a passing interest in intelligently geared dance music" - Electrorash

'"The End of Reason," a truly sublime beatless tour de force that recalls Philip Glass, Aphex Twin's most serene moments and even Henryk Gorecki's Symphony No. 3" - Resident Advisor

The facts are easy to establish: Max Cooper has more than 50 original releases, tracks and remixes under his belt, from glitchy reinterpretations of big bands like Hot Chip and Au Revoir Simone to straight dancefloor 12"s like his breakthrough "Serie" originals and remixes for names like Agoria, Dominik Eulberg, Extrawelt, Pig and Dan, Kaiserdisco and Sasha.

Regis (Sandwell District)

Regis – Downwards – Sandwell District –Tresor Records

Regis - Biography:

Karl O'Connor is most certainly Regis and it is also highly probable that he propagates other pseudonyms . This has only added to the greater mythology surrounding the influential Downwards label that he has run with fellow art terrorist Peter Sutton (Female) since 1993. Unconventional and single-minded to say the least (what label can boast a 
back catalogue free of the industry standard cash cow remix ) by decentralising the focus on the dj/producer personality, he remains one of the more highly regarded creative forces within the British techno/electronic scene. Degenerate art indeed.

Sassmouth (As You Like It)

Dear Everybody, Ms. Friendly Quality Sassmouth played the freshness tracks there and everywhere around the world. Now Sassmouth arrived here!! She always stay near you on the dancefloor, and steals in your mind to lead you to a good situation. Kids are happy with her. Their humming makes you feel happy. You will feel it and sound special. The best quality and fancy sounds. A gift to you from good design. Enjoy! your happy life.

Many parties rocked firstly in Chicago and Detroit causes Sassmouth's confidence of creating deliciousness grooves. This tastiness of her techno and house beats cannot be carried even by both hands. When you're feeling energetic, with a smile on your face, and in love...that's when Sassmouth's bass lines and melodies are the perfect goods to climax a happy occasion. Wonders of electricity are displayed for all to be easily digested at the club and underground parties. Enjoy refreshing time.

Nature gives dancers the feeling of the super-first class satisfaction of Smart Bar where Sassmouth enjoys the Chicago residency. Levitation and heart since 2000. All of Sam's base are belong to London where she creates high sense originals for Hej Records. Take it easy they will never hurt you on her friendly and supportive online home for the electronic dance music community website To fast too live, to young too happy. Sassmouth is ecologically minded. This biography will self-destruct in Mother Earth.

Patrick Gil (Direct to Earth)


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As You Like It & Public Works Present: MAX COOPER (Live) REGIS (Sandwell District) SASSMOUTH (As You Like It) PATRICK GIL (Direct to Earth) Visuals by ALLOFITNOW! Funktion One Sound (Main Room) 21+

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