Major Stars, Pigeons, Ex Caves

Major Stars

From their Massachusetts aerie, Major Stars have rocked the world seven albums over during the past decade. The signature guitar union of Wayne Rogers and Kate Village (first immortalized in Crystalized Movements and later in Magic Hour) ensures an unshakable foundation with screaming solos and mystical guitar shreds.

Ten years have done nothing to mellow Major Stars, for which they must be congratulated. The devious interweaving of the psychedelic with the rock is, as ever, a delight, to consistent yet somehow changed ends.
They keep the craft surging forward, maintaining sufficient heat to ensure that nothing gathers on them as they beat it down the line.


Pigeons hail from Bronx, NY, and consist of Wednesday Knudsen, Clark Griffin, and Rob Smith. To date they've released LPs on Black Dirt and Olde English Spelling Bee, and Soft Abuse. They Sweetheartstammers is their latest.

Ex Caves

Spontaneous experiments in sound and film by Monotonix guitarist Yonatan Gat and NY based director Elisa Da Prato.
Projected black and white films are edited during the performance – live crossfades, rough camera movement and hard cuts play with narrative tension. Along with the wildly melodic and expressive guitar improvisations – they tell a story, an account of a moment; melding the beautiful and the raw. The sense of danger is in the performers not allowing themselves the readymade to lean on. The results can be enthralling.


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