Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist (of The Band Of Heathens)

Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist (of The Band Of Heathens)

As founding members and leaders of the Austin, TX rock and roll outfit The Band of Heathens, Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist combine their unique voices to define the band’s kaleidoscopic American sound. From festival performances at Bonnaroo, Austin, City Limits, Lollapalooza, Wakarusa, and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass to over a thousand one nighters in clubs and theaters across the United States and Europe, Ed and Gordy have created a musical bond, a brotherhood of a voice that can only be found after years working together on the open road.

Originally from the Boston area, Ed Jurdi has forged a sound both rooted in the past and pointing toward the future. An ardent student of the masters of American music, he brings the passion of a gospel sermon and juxtaposes it against a gathering of merry pranksters with a soulful delivery and timeless voice. Ed currently lives in Asheville, NC after spending almost eight years in Austin, TX.

Gordy spent most of his childhood outside of Houston, melding the influences of the 60’s pop music from his parents’ record collection with the rich folk and blues heritage he discovered in Texas. At home from Austin, he harnesses a rich baritone, a love of history, and alternating doses of red wine and coffee to chase song ideas wherever they take him, with whomever wants to come along for the ride.

As a duo, Ed and Gordy showcase the unique chemistry they have developed together that is the driving force behind the rock and roll of the Band of Heathens. “Anytime we get to be creative and record or perform, it helps bring us closer together”, says Jurdi. “It promotes the growth of ideas, which is our highest
currency. Ideas are like gold, they are the seeds for the songs.” Adds Quist “It’s a much more vulnerable performance, and it’s been nice to let people inside some of these songs in a way that isn’t possible at the full band shows.”

Stripping away the power of the band and the electric guitars reveals another subtle force rooted in depth of song and in the haunting sound of two voices that sing as one. Swinging the pendulum from foot stomping porch holler to the humor of stories from the road, the acoustic show gives Ed and Gordy a platform to try out new songs, pull out choice cover songs, or to reveal an alternate stripped down version of a Heathens classic.

“We often change our approach to a song when it’s taken out of the full band context and stripped to just acoustic guitars. Most of our songs were written alone in a room on an acoustic guitar or piano, and it’s refreshing to bring the songs back to that original form” says Quist. “Sonically there’s less going on, but ultimately that space reveals more and allows for more nuance.”

So when the stage is set, the lights go dark, and Ed and Gordy take the stage, grab your drink, find your seat and settle in to witness the distilling of this rare musical brotherhood.

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