Melodic metal from Asheville, NC.

Void of Kings

Formed in mid-2010, Void of Kings has performed sold-out shows with Periphery and played on the main stage at Scream the Prayer 2012. They were also featured on the Maryland date of the Thrash and Burn 2011 tour with Winds of Plague. Void of Kings’ first release “If Ever Hades Spoke” came out in June 2011. Following its release, Void of Kings has received reviews such as “the debut from the band… has marked them as ones to definitely watch out for.” With high-energy live performances and a strong do-it-yourself ethic, Void of Kings is working to expand to a regional and national fan base in the coming months.

Seven Second Suicide

A progression of coincidences led to Aaron Richardson (former guitarist of hardcore band, At the Onset) and Sachem Orenda (solo electronic artist) sharing a drink at a bar in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The two began to collaborate with other musicians to form a full band but the other artists did not share the serious level of commitment and passion that Aaron and Sachem were bringing to the band. Drummer, Leo Boisvert, expressed his insatiable interest to perform on a professional level. He instantly locked into place and Bassist, Tommy Shober, soon followed with the same level of enthusiasm. With Tommy ready to rock, there was only one spot to fill. A frontman was needed that could match the level of pure ferocity. JxRx heard about the band and wanted in on the glory. When the audition began, it was love at first scream. Over time, the music became mixtures of Hardcore, Death Metal and Electro/Glitch with punk energy from Boisvert's heavy beats. Uncaged and brutalized, they are Seven Second Suicide.

No Remorse For The Fallen

Since forming in mid 2008, awaking from the ashes of bands of the past, No Remorse For The Fallen (N.R.F.T.F.) have been tearing up stages non stop. This Philadelphia band's explosive stage show has been the praise of the audience and promoters alike.

After non-stop writing and playing shows, NRFTF had released their first studio EP, entitled "The Flying Fortress" towards the end of 2009. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Philadelphia based producer Mike B (Split Decision).

On March 25th 2011 they released their first full length album entitled "No More Good Days", which was recorded at The Rock Office studio with Ian Wright (Lethean). This is their first self produced album.

On January 4th 2012 they released "The Unwanted EP" for download on various sites such as iTunes and The physical copies is coming soon. NRFTF has also begun work on their next full length album. They also are playing more and more live shows, and are looking to reach more audiences across the United States and beyond.

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