Rise Laveau

Rise Laveau

Together they have crafted a collection full of memorable choruses, and heavy rhythms invoking the classics.
Rise Laveau is a 4 piece driving, "Heavy Rock" band from New Orleans playing original, "Doom Blues" with a modern sonic attitude.
Dicky Smith (Guitar) and his brother Michael (Drums) formed the band in late 2010 along with founding Soilent Green bassist Marcel Trenchard and Texas based veteran vocalist Adam Wade Mayo.
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Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Queensryche

Meridian II Tour This Summer. Tour Dates at www.phavian.com/dates/
Viewing music as a boundless art, Phavian uses unconventional rhythms, orchestrations and melodies as tools to craft a truly unique sonic experience. The band was created as a musical entity focused on composition, which led to the creation of their debut album, Kiena. After Kiena's release, Phavian spent 2009 gigging, touring, and promoting their music.

The following year the band took their gigging experience as well as a reinforced creative drive into the rehearsal studio and embarked on an epic endeavor: a four-album concept. They began crafting a two-part concept that, in part due to length, was broken into four separate releases: Meridian I, Meridian II, Inversion, and Stretta. The recording process for all four albums began in February of 2011 and Meridian I was released in October of that same year. The band spent 2012 solidifying their lineup and touring on Meridian I. Meridian II is slated for release in March of 2013. The last two albums of the saga will follow closely behind. The band continues to tour and work hard at honing and carefully refining their craft in order to create an intricate, entrancing, and mature sound for their fans.
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Music, Nutella

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