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Reverse Order

Reverse Order is a powerful pop/rock band whose songs range from energetic teen anthems, to more intense rock tracks. John is the front man of the group and has the ability to captivate an audience of any size. You can feel the power in every note he sings and plays. Cruise is the drummer but one of his greatest assets is that he is able to take over lead vocals as well. His drumming style is powerful and energetic and he draws from Pop/Punk greats like Travis Barker and Jason Lancaster. Audiences go wild for Drew as he struts the stage giving a dynamic and high energy performance, and Frank's driving bass holds down the low end as he delivers a powerful performance.

Red Letter Days

The Few

The Few, alternative rock band from the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri, comprised of singer, and founder Dom Goszewski, bassist and co-founder Tory Oberreither, guitarist Dan Bell, guitarist Alex Stewart, and drummer/vocalist Roger Thomas. This band highlights their expressionistic style of alternative rock over the dim background of those “cookie-cutter” alt-rock bands. They combine artistic storytelling through sweeping metaphorical lyrics with powerful performances that create an instant understanding of their purpose and meaning. Experiencing them live will not only leave you feeling dangerous and anxious for more, but also confidently accepted into a society all their own. Through that acceptance they never fail to deliver their message, 'being your true self even under the darkest of circumstances and never, ever, becoming something you're not just to fit in'. You shouldn't be afraid to be yourself.
The Few just finished their second tour. Spanning 21 states over 6000 miles of asphalt they tirelessly spread their message, music and story. It's quite apparent that what this band creates is electrically charged. Its raw sound is trimmed with hidden brilliance. In this stage of the bands existence the potential can be heard crying out for attention. Their subtle, but distinct writing style is apparent from the first song on the album, and it’s very surprising to hear such emotion come across with just as much clarity. The Few are an exception to the stereotype of modern music where bands exchange "music" for money. That same attitude and passion has driven them down a path to a humble realization, they are undoubtedly here to stay.
Shaky beginnings befell the group in its infancy, Dom and Tory started playing together back in 2006, they wrote and played a couple shows but nothing ever really stuck. After some internal falling out the band eventually dispersed fizzling out before it could even begin. Four months later after doing some hard and lonely thinking a call was made. "Okay man, lets do this, now or never". Feeling the energy and passion within them they agreed and began work that week. The band grew and the lineup seemed to be solidified but, after a slow uphill battle for 2 years it became apparent that the lineup was not cohesive enough for their mission or message. With a tour approaching Dom and Tory made the decision to part ways with the other half of the band to find a more genuine representation of what "The Few" meant; people that could stand for something more. Two weeks before the first tour date they found Roger through a mutual friend and instantly connected. The guys picked up speed and their spark grew brighter as they had gained a drummer and regained their rhythm. They could feel this was more though, It was a feeling of true permanence. Potential. Two tours followed and with the loss of a guitarist and friend after they had all come so far, groundbreaking decisions were made. No longer could they continue idly performing local shows and wasting time. The clock was ticking and they felt the pressure multiply with every passing second. Dan bell joined the band at a pinnacle moment August 13th, 2014. Within only a month he had mastered the songs and taken their live performance to a new level. It was with the addition of Dan that the band embarked on a career changing journey to Minneapolis Minnesota to record their debut album "Sleep Tight, When You Wake Up We'll Be Gone". For 14 days the band lived, slept, ate, and worked around the clock for 16+ hours a day forging a record that had been dying to burst forth for 3 years. In those 14 days a unity was created that not only permanently solidified their debut album, but also joined their minds toward one goal. Up.

Early in the spring of 2015 a fifth and final addition was made to the group with guitarist Alex Stewart. Filling the second guitar spot and preserving The Few's signature harmonic sound Alex also freed singer Dom of his weight of both playing and singing live escalating their performances to soaring new heights. And making them, as one concert reviewer says "rise above the rest."
The band members have said it themselves, "we've come too far now... we have so much motivation and perseverance that nothing and nobody can stop us." It is pretty apparent from their mission and attitudes to say that "The Few" is here to stay, and their message will be received. That message being this, "We voice the voiceless. We provide an escape from the troubles of life and bring people together through our shows and music. The shyest, most reserved person could come to our shows and feel accepted 100%, not only by us, but by the crowd as well. And that's what sets us apart, community. It's the understanding, the acceptance, & the music, that make us The Few, And that's the way we plan to keep it"
It's bigger than all of us now.
Something that really sets this band apart is their live contrast, the feeling of their shows is so welcoming and exciting, you really feel like part of the performance. But if you listen closely, deeply into the music, you can hear and feel the emotion being relayed by the band. Some songs spell terrible tragedy fused with raw anger and frustration. While others are true shots in the dark, hopeless efforts. Some even call enemies by name screaming out straight to their face. And every now and again even a sarcastic undertone or joke sneaks its way into the songs. But no matter what song, you truly feel as if the song is yours. One to call your own. Line after line can be written, but it's something you must experience first hand to fully understand. It's one of a kind, it's an underground counterculture bursting forth, and it's curiously volatile. That's what makes it real. We see the beauty in the dark, and that shines brighter than the sun. This is "The Few".

M.R. Smith

A solo artist, with a band, based out of northern New Jersey. He released his first EP in the summer of 2011 and is working on a new album that will be released in 2013. With the new album coming, you are going to start seeing a lot more of M.R.Smith on the east coast and beyond! Check out some of his tunes and tour dates.

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