Johanna Warren, Dan Tedesco, dKOTA

Johanna Warren

Currently putting finishing touches on an album of 9 songs engineered and mixed by the #1 homegirl Bella Blasko. I wanted to make something stripped down and kinda spookily intimate--a simple and honest representation of the songs that come out of me, the way I experience them. It's been super fun and I think it sounds pretty fuckin cooool and can't wait to give it to you.

Dan Tedesco

Dan Tedesco is the quintessential modern-day troubadour, narrating the American experience in song honestly and intimately, and with a big sound to boot. A solo artist, Tedesco's stage show is framed by a minimalist production that finds him belting out folk-spiced rockers from behind both acoustic and electric guitars while foot-stomping percussion rounds out many of the arrangements—this is one solo artist who won't seem out of place on a bill with rock bands. Interludes at the piano lighten the mood a little, but only a little, as the distorted Rhodes and Wurly sounds only contribute to Dan's stage presence. Overall, you can expect the twang of John Prine, the attitude of Ike Reilly, the picking of Steve Goodman, and shades of Paul Simon. Similarities aside, however, Dan Tedesco is at one extremely talented and intensely original.

Rolling through 30 states and clocking in over 200 shows in 2012, Dan Tedesco has hardly had time to breathe. A true road-warrior, Tedesco is supporting his current release, "Tracks On Fire" (3/10/11). Produced and engineered by Duane Lundy (Jim James, Ben Sollee, These United States, Vandaveer) at Shangri-la Productions in Lexington, KY, "Tracks On Fire" is a raw, stripped-down batch of songs offering a both haunting and hopeful perspective on life in 2012 America.

dKOTA is multi-genre music from Portland, Oregon. It is a project lead by songwriter and vocalist, Dustin Johnsen, featuring additional songwriting and performing talents from Matthew Neff, Calon Russell, Kalon Pilmanis, and Mary Burger. dKOTA fuses a variety of genres into an amalgam of sonic textures, dynamics, and intentional rough edges.

Dustin Johnsen’s songwriting incorporates influences from Ryan Adams and Wilco, to Radiohead and Muse, to BT and Ulrich Schnauss, often favoring melody, dissonance, resolve, and the unexpected. Three other musicians add to Dustin’s songwriting to achieve dKOTA’s sound. Matthew Neff brings melodic noise and lead prowess with his electric, Kalon Pilmanis steadies a rock-infused cadence with his kit, and Calon Russell articulates fugazi-esque precision low end with his bass. Some songs also feature haunting sounds of cellist, Mary Burger. Combined with Dustin’s dexterous acoustic playing, gravely vocal tone, and visceral lyric writing, dKOTA embraces a spectrum of music creation and performance.

There is no studio substitute for the dKOTA live show. dKOTA has played Portland venues such as Mississippi Studios, Doug Fir Lounge, The Woods, Someday Lounge, Kelly’s Olympian, White Eagle Saloon, Laurelthirst, Star Theatre, among others. dKOTA looks to expand their performance throughout and beyond the corridors of Portland and the Pacific Northwest.



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