Lying In Wait

Lying In Wait

Misled hails from the New Orleans area with a totally unique rock & roll sound. Blending classic rock, hard rock and punk rock with catchy and memorable lyrics revealing a pop sensibility!

Their debut album with Dixie Dawg Records entitled "Days of Darkness" is scheduled to be released in early of summer of 2006. The album includes the official release of "Just One Night". Once you listen, you will agree "Misled" is a band to be reckoned with!!!

We think that when you listen you will agree, once MISLED, always MISLED.

Love Story's End

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Love Story's End first became a presence on the Gulf Coast in the summer of 2003. Formed by two Biloxi-area teens with various influences, the band made two studio EPs and toured the mid-west in its first year. Demos and mp3s spread like wildfire with tales of erratic and unpredictable live performances.

In 2006, they released their debut album "Biloxi War Tribe," inspired by and produced in their home-base of Biloxi, MS. The release date marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which completely devastated Biloxi and well beyond. The song "Give, Take, Devastate" is about witnessing those both with and without the courage to move forward after the disaster. The title-track is one of the band's signature songs, with chants of "you got the system/i got the pistol" and "we want it all."

The follow-up to the first album was delayed an entire year as founding member Clint Hagler regrouped with new drummer Phil Krohn. "Death Doesn't Deserve Me" was finally released in all its glory on Valentine's Day 2011. Tracked at Riverside Studios in Moselle, MS and mixed at Cenico Studios in Biloxi, the album was produced by the in-demand Mark Black and co-produced by vocalist/guitarist Clint Hagler. The assembled track listing forms an eight line poem, which is dissected in pieces through each song. The slasher movie genre is an inspiration with the artwork, while much of the lyrics are about real events.

Music is published through the band's own War Tribe Records, making the group fully independent in an age where major labels have become obsolete for artists creating music outside the mainstream stratosphere. The band is currently supporting their latest album and planning ahead for the year to come.
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