Jarrett Killen, Thee Rain Cats, Purple Mountains Majesties

Jarrett Killen

Having recently moved from living the quintessential singer/songwriter lifestyle in Austin, TX, to the dirty streets of Long Beach, CA, Jarrett Killen brings along with him an Elliott Smith type 'heart on the sleeve' lyrical sensibility supported by a voice that is a savory blend between Jeff Buckley and Ray LaMontagne.

Thee Rain Cats

Formed in late 2011, former My Pet Saddle members Caleb Palomo and Miguel Gomez went on to record a shit load of demos as they felt like taking it to a new musical dimension. With influences like The Cars, XTC, and the whole new wave movement blended with Michael Jackson/hip hop kaleidoscope beats heard from samples and/or glam funk bands like Parliament bumpin' in lowriders in the latino community. The boys had something new brewing up in there brick-house rehearsal garage in Anaheim,CA.
They plotted out what they needed : synth-space melodies and dreamy pop sounds. They recruited local homies Nelson Rodriquez on drums, Patrick Palomo (Caleb's own Apache blood brother) and joined up before going on to record an EP in the studio. Already opening for acid rockers, The Growlers, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mac Demarco, The Soft Pack and playing the local festivities , the crowd is definitely in awe for something different coming out of Orange County. This summer's lookin' like brass monkeys, some pr's and a copy of Thee Rain Cats EP (out now on Burger Records!) blastin' out your shitty stereo!

Purple Mountains Majesties



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