Casket of Cassandra

Casket of Cassandra

Originating in March of 2009 Casket of Cassandra is a five piece Metalcore band from Concord CA. Consisting of lead vocalist Amanda Maddera, lead guitar player DJ Montanelli, rhythm guitar player Riley Olacsi, bass player Jake Ramsey, and drummer Chris Campanga Casket of Cassandra has achieved several milestones over the past few years. The band has successfully completed two self booked west coast tours in 2010 and 2011 as well as produced and released their 2010 EP entitled The Makings of a False Truth. Currently Casket of Cassandra is In the process of recording their debut full length album set to release on Nemesis Records in spring of 2012.

As Artifacts

As Artifacts is a band that blends heavy music with melodic, catchy choruses and intricate synths and electronic sounds to create a formula that can appeal to any front row headbanger, mosh pit dancer, and anyone in between.

Cyborg Octopus

Cyborg Octopus is not afraid of being different musically. Although they are labelled a metal band, one can expect to hear smooth jazz sections, groovy latin riffs, bouncy funk passages, electronic dubstep drops, and other genres that have never been mixed in with metal. Their open mindedness that is prevalent in their music can also be found in their lyrics. No subject matter is taboo as they can be found confessing personal flaws and emoting anguish at their past in one song while expressing their disdain for major Macroeconomic problems in another. Cyborg Octopus is for the open minded.

They are simply in it for the art of creation and expression.
They are not in it for the money.

Cyborg Octopus™ formed from the original founding members of California-based Metal/Screamo band BLEEDBEFORETHESKIES. Songwriter David Wu, who wrote all of the songs decided to branch off and start fresh with a new name. Joining him are ex-BBTS members James McCrory, Tommy Poppa, and Ex-Fallujah member Tommy Logan.

KINETIK is a California technical groove metal band that pushes the boundaries of time and space in the metal genre. Creating riffs and tempos that infect the mind, Kinetik creates a sound of unique metal symphony. They have been described as a cross between Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders.

Kinetik’s origins can be traced to the late spring of 2007, when drummer Andrew Bailey connected with guitarist Chris Lee. Their early jam sessions began the technical metal sound that is completely Kinetik. Recruiting bassist Eric Tampier, a jazz bassist, further molded and refined the Kinetik sound. Late in the summer of 2007, Robert Anderson added his distinguishing voice to the band, and established Kinetik as an intense force in the San Francisco Bay Area metal scene.

Kinetik debuted their first single Approaching Infinity in late 2009, which later was released on their EP, Stoppage of Time in 2010. Kinetik went back in the studio in August of 2012 to record their first full-length album at Castle Ultimate Studios with Zack Orhen (All Shall Perish, Warbringer, Decrepit Birth, and Suffocation). The new album was released worldwide, April 16th, 2013, and the band will follow with a strong touring schedule to support the new album, Heavier Elements.

Kinetik has just been confirmed to do a Western US tour with Casket of Cassandra and Betrayed by Weakness in July 2013, after the Spring Meltdown Festival.

Weapon Status Red

Weapon Status Red is an aggressive melodic band that started in 2009, from the Bay Area, CA. The name, from a military friend of the band, means to take the safety off, the battle is imminent. Scott, Jake, and Derek began the band through exchanging ideas back and forth over the Internet. The group later added Skyler on guitar, and began recording an EP. Weapon Status Red is currently recording their full-length album with Eric Hill of Blue Room Recording Studios, which will debut in March 2013. The band will begin touring in support of this album in Spring 2013.

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