Post Primal, Barewire, Mental Fixation, Huck Boozer

Post Primal

Post Primal (Po-st :PrI;mal) (Noun - Band) : A band located in the deepest darkest recesses of St. Louis. Brought up in poverty and misery, these factors greatly increase the probability of the most kick ass band you've ever heard.

Ear shattering, Mind blowing total aural devistation. With drums.


We are BAREWIRE. We play hard rock for guys who want to rock hard. We believe in Charlie Brown. We believe in the American dream. We believe this all may be a dream. Workers of the world unite.

Mental Fixation

Huck Boozer

Huckleberry Boozer describes their music as “Grunge Country” - with a sound that’s equal parts texas Honky Tonk and gritty rock&roll. Their sets are a rowdy blend of driving originals, covers done their way, and rocking instrumental
jams that will appeal to a wide range of musical tastes. Taking cues from influences as varied as Radiohead, Waylon Jennings, Lynyrd Synyrd, and Tom Petty among others, this St.Louis 5 piece creates blusey, southern fried rock that’s at home on venue stages and barroom floors alike.

$6.00 - $8.00


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