New Lungs & Post Madonna @ The Back Bar

New Lungs

Seattle's New Lungs are back to playing shows for the summer after a brief break due to their pursuit of education. Having released their second EP, "Lanterns" in January, the band is loaded with new music and
uncompomisable energy.

Also on the bill are youthful PNW bands Special Explosion, Postmadonna (who will be unveiling their exceptional debut album on multicolored vinyl), and Candysound.

"New Lungs...sound like they could fit comfortably on a bill with the best rock bands in the Northwest while holding their own and picking up new fans along the way." - Another Rainy Saturday (Seattle music blog)

"...epically beautiful breakdowns and warm indie rock vibe." - GRISL (Seattle music blog)

"...('Lanterns') thrums with a passionate vitality. The rush of isolated vocal harmonies on "Concrete" is a standout." - Seattle Weekly

Post Madonna (release show!)

"Imagine Tera Melos and a pop-punk conceived a love child in a steamy bedroom made of progressive music on a bed comprised of guitar pedals."

"I'm told they're covering Mozart"

-Barometric Collective

Special Explosion

"On their new single, Past/Future, youthful Eastside band Special Explosion float into candied atmospheres and whirling pop distortion without abandoning their sharp, crunchy guitar and catchy hooks. The band blends Northwest indie rock into a fogged bliss, and it levitates over its listener with daunting earnestness, sort of like if Built to Spill were more like My Bloody Valentine in 1991 (or now)." - brittnie fuller (the stranger)

Heavy Petting

"Heavy Petting: This prog-rock brainchild of two Evans and a Derek is relentless. The instrumental trio care not for vocals, and why should they? They deceitfully weave crushing solos with spacey ethereal interludes, seemingly never satisfied with the product, and then pouring down the rabbit hole of complexity with reckless abandon. They build intricate webs of sound held together by the finest gossamer, such that when each song ends, it’s as if it comes crashing down around you. These guys fuck around with rhythm and key like they care not for convention, but never recklessly, and never inaccessibly, and its so refreshing. So refreshing that for about 20 minutes, I forgot that the Cha-Cha is a hellish sweat box when it’s packed."
- Andrew Harris, The Monarch Review (Capitol Hill Block Party)

$5 Day of Show

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