Andrew Stockdale (Of Wolfmother)

Andrew Stockdale (Of Wolfmother)

Ladies & Gentleman … We have exciting news fresh from the world of Wolfmother & Andrew Stockdale which has been hinted at by many and right now, coming to you from Stockdale Headquarters, we're pleased to announce this solo chapter including a brand new EP release as a prelude to Andrew's first self-produced album and a tour!

As the world knows, Andrew Stockdale is the front man, singer, riff maestro and prolific song writer of Wolfmother. His songs, recordings and performances have been the soundtrack to millions of folk's festival experience, movie scenes and radio anthems the world over. However you look at it Andrew's sounds have been entertaining punters across the world over for the last 10 years helping to provide escape from the day-to-day burdens, whilst connecting people's spirits, and for the most part rocking their worlds.

Throughout all of these experiences, Andrew has continued to write the whole time through, whilst being eternally grateful for the success he's experienced from the start. In say this, it seemed like the mojo of the band needed some readjusting, as the heart and soul of the band has shifted from the beginnings, from where the band started with friends has since turned into more or less a solo venture.

To realign his musical planets, Andrew has decided to put out these new recordings under his own name, Andrew Stockdale. Featuring all the current Wolfmother members, collectively the team is thrilled with this mojo soul shift. Albeit that it is new musical territory, though essentially it's about the music and hopefully the music will speak for itself. So for this chapter, the Wolfmother is put to rest for the time being.

The Andrew Stockdale Keep Moving EP was exclusively released on iTunes in Australia on the 26th of April and has been hovering around the Top Ten on the Rock Charts from it's release till the time of this tour announcement. The EP has received fantastic feedback from various radio stations and journalists alike. The EP features the lead track "Long Way To Go" a boogie fest from start to finish, with all of the ingredients of a great rock shake down. The vocals are present and dry write in your face layered by sweet valve guitar tones and crunching Wurlitzer keyboards, the hands are in the air, the maracas are shaking, the road cases are rolling on the stage, and there is something to be excited about. And may say, this is just a taste, of what's to come from the forthcoming epic album, also titled 'Keep Moving' .

Now let's not have any confusion so whilst we announce this exciting new chapter, Andrew together with full band will will perform some old together with all the incredible new songs from Keep Moving including Wolfmother classics such as "Woman", "Joker and the Thief", to Cosmic Egg gems, such as, "New Moon Rising" and "White Feather". It'll be a must see new show that'll bound to be a rollicking good time - especially since it's been a good four years since Andrew last released an album.

Being the official Australian tour for Keep Moving, Andrew and band then jet off to Japan, U.S, Europe, South America, South East Asia for a worldwide tour coinciding with the album's international release. Be sure to catch this incarnation on home turf as it may be a while before you get to see Andrew Stockdale shows in Australia.

Peace, Shalom, Salute and See you at the next show …




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