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In late 2010, The Epilogues were poised for a national takeover. After their single for "Hunting Season" made its way into power rotation on Denver's premier alt rock radio station, Channel 93.3 KTCL, it spent multiple months on the station's "8 Most Wanted" list, including over two months at the #1 spot. The music video attracted 100,000 + hits on YouTube. This kind of momentum is bound to get noticed, so a subsidiary of the second largest recording company
in the world flew the band to New York to play a private show. In August of 2011, the band and label began constructing a very large record deal for their entire catalog. They were to receive ample money and resources for touring that most bands never glimpse in their entire careers. In the meantime, the Epilogues went dark, holding off on all releases until the deal was finalized.

Unfortunately, the Epilogues' story echoes those of other modern-day bands who, in the music industry of yesteryear, would've skyrocketed to dizzying success. With the acquisition of a new CEO at the major label, cutbacks wreaked havoc on funding and distribution. In November of
2011, the doors were closed on the subsidiary. The Epilogues were left with no record deal, a year behind.

While many bands might become disheartened after such an intimate glimpse of quick success, The Epilogues took it as a sign to take control of their burgeoning career. They signed to the Mgmt Company for management, ICM for booking, and enlisted the aid of a revered music attorney. They continued to play shows to sold-out crowds at large venues, released another hauntingly beautiful music video for the single "The Fallout," which debuted at #1 most commented, #3 most shared video on, and played a continuous stream of esteemed festivals (such as The Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles) alongside bands like Motley
Crue, Cold War Kids, The Airborne Toxic Event, Bush, and more.

"Cinematics" is the album that was slated for release over a year ago, with newer songs about the trials and tribulations of the year to follow. Written and recorded over the span of three years, Cinematics is an honest reflection of the band's experiences, encapsulating both their successes and failures.

"I wanted to present a collection of songs that were completely honest and unguarded," says front man Chris Heckman. "I opened up in these songs in a way that I haven't done before and, while lyrically theses songs dwell in misery and regret, I found a great deal of solace in writing
them. I like to think that people can find their comforts through a variety of methods; depression just happens to be one of mine."

Eschewing the majors this time around, the Epilogues are releasing Cinematics November 6th with a homegrown record label as devoted to their community of Denver as they are: Greater Than Collective, a branch of the beloved Colorado burrito chain Illegal Pete's. While Cinematics
is about loss, it's also an album about empowerment. It's about the Epilogues—and Chris Heckman (vocals/guitar), Nate Hammond (keys), Jason Hoke (drums), and Jeff Swoboda (bass) —starting from scratch at the grass roots level; it's about working with people they trust over
those who have the most money; it's about the new music industry.

The Milford Higgins

Nathan got Luke, Nathan and Luke got songs, they played them, Nathan and Luke got a show, Nathan got Manuel, they played show, Nathan and Manuel and Luke got more songs, Nathan and Immanuel and Luke got more shows... to be continued...

Strange Vine

Strange Vine's earthy, energetic music is a fusion of blues, psychedelic, and traditional American rock. It's a sound born of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, from two men who were raised there. Ian Blesse plays drums and Rhodes piano (simultaneously), while Toby Cordova fleshes out the songs with a rotating arsenal of guitars (including one made from a cigar box). Both contribute vocals toward a rich, layered sound that's greater than the sum of its parts. In just a year's time, Strange Vine has already shared the stage with acts like The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant, Band Of Skulls, B.B. King, The Growlers, White Denim, Robin Trower, The Greenhornes, Pokey LaFarge and JEFF The Brotherhood.

Valkyrie Missile

Started in early-mid 2009, Walker and Seth now being the only original members have found both Nathans to be Valkyrie Missile at it's rising best. Two albums have been recorded thus far, but now all four members completely work together, to combine different and alike musical influences. Creating a new album, sound, and pretty much new band. Stay posted for updates. Until then, we are now booking in Fresno and LA areas.

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