God and The Architects

God and The Architects

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13 Monsters featuring Goalie

We are 13-MONSTERS from Chicago, Il . members are Adrienne on vocals and Jamie as noisemaker, guitarist, in-studio drummer, mixologist .

We are the only band to feature a custom made THEREMONSTER theremin as part of our high energy events.

Property of Saints

After meeting in the fall of 2008, Abby Large and Christie Batka have been
melding their folk & funk backgrounds to create their own genre of music. Within six months, the two were crafting of their own style of Americana; marrying Abby's carefully nuanced, lilting guitar lines and warm vocals with Christie's funk-inspired, melodic bass grooves. With the addition of Paul Kopp's commanding and energetic drumming in October 2012, the Property of Saints trio continues to attract attention and will release their first album in the summer of 2013.

Che Arthur (Pink Avalanches)

Before beginning his solo career, singer/songwriter Che Arthur logged time in several bands. Born in Mobile, Arthur settled in Tuscaloosa, AL in the early '90s and played with several local bands before forming a long-running noisy indie outfit called Universal Life and Accident. Moving from Alabama to the more artistically complementary climes of Chicago in 1995, the band toured regularly and released several singles and EPs but never managed much exposure. After Universal Life and Accident split up, Arthur joined Chicago's Atombombpocketknife in 2001, but as that band's non-singing lead guitarist, he was always a foil to singer and primary songwriter Justin Sinkovich. After two promising albums with Arthur, God Save the ABPK and Lack and Pattern, Sinkovich put Atombombpocketknife on indefinite hold and Arthur chose to embark on a solo career. Arthur's first solo album, 2004's All of Your Tomorrows Were Decided Today, was an unexpectedly straightforward, poppy affair given the post-rock tendencies of his previous outfits. His second solo album, Iron, was released in February 2007.



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