Psychopathic Daze

From a quiet suburb just outside Chicago, Psychopathic Daze is making some big noise. With a musical style that only they can create, Psychopathic Daze is ready to take the world by storm. Metalheads and non-metalheads alike are captivated by the raging guitars, pounding drums, and driving bass lines. And over all of that comes a scream unlike any ever heard from in the Chicago area. The band lives by the fact that they are in an entertainment business, and never disappoint. Psychopathic Daze’s live show combines extremely tight playing with some of the most energetic guys in metal. The riffs will keep you up at night, while the melodies will keep you coming back for more. Having played many shows to fans all over the country, Psychopathic Daze is lining up to take the world by storm.

Brace yourselves. Get ready. Psychopathic Daze has arrived.

The Lifeline

The Lifeline... where the hard edge of rock meets the sophistication and emotion of classical music.

Founded by front man Ryan T. Hope and violinist Rebecca Faber, the band now features Derek Kalicky on bass and Rhapsody Snyder on keys and harp.

The band released their debut independent album Where There Is Life, There Is Hope... in 2005 and was quickly followed up by their second album For All Who Triumph in November of 2006. In January, 2011 they released their most current album Reflections Of Hope.

"For All Who Triumph" allowed people to see the band blurring the line between musical genres by not only mixing different styles but also by bringing a concept to the entire record. “Our goal with an album has always been to leave a person with a feeling of satisfaction at the end. Like at the close of a movie or your favorite book,” says vocalist Ryan T. Hope. “You remember each chapter and the lessons it taught you. By the end you’ve gone through a journey that’s made you stronger and more self-aware.” The bands next endeavor consisted of a series of music videos put together to create a short film called “Trilogy.” For an unsigned act, Trilogy proved to be above and beyond anyone’s expectations. The video has received much acclaim making it into many film festivals such as the West Hollywood Film Festival and the Midwest Independent Film Festival. It has also received the Golden Eagle award from CINE as well as best cinematography at the Midwest Independent Film Festival’s BMA’s in 2008. To date “Trilogy” tops the list as one of the bands crowning achievements. The Lifeline finished off 2008 perfecting a small group of songs to follow up the release of “For All Who Triumph.” It wasn’t long before songs like “Crashing Waves” and “Romeo and Juliet” caught the attention of on air-personalities at Chicago’s local rock station, Q101.1, and were quickly added to the rotation on the stations program Crash Test Radio.

The bands popularity among fans increased and it wasn’t long before they found themselves opening for artists such as “30 Seconds To Mars” and “Saving Abel.” In 2009 The Lifeline were one of three bands nominated from over one hundred and fifty artists for an MTV video music award in the category of “Best Chicago Breakout Artist.” The band was also only one of twenty artists from around the world to be selected to take part in alternative rock festival, “Rock Saga” in Negril, Jamaica.

Arcane Framework

Arcane Framework formed as a trio on March 2, 2011, where members Katy, Mickey, and Mike immediately began putting time and energy into writing, learning each other's styles and techniques, and developing a sound that is their own. They dove into the studio to record with Brad Dausman of AngryMan Productions by summer, and they further evolved into their current line-up later that year in September with the addition of Brian. They released their first self-titled EP to wrap up their first year together, and have been busy focusing on playing shows and writing new material for 2012!

The momentum keeps growing - hope to see you out there rocking with us!!!

The Buckshot Hounds

The Buckshot Hounds are : Aaron T Heindel - rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jason Hiland - lead guitar and vocals, Sarah Sydow -drums, Ted Yi -bass guitar.

Our goal is to blend the stories and songwriting of country and folk with the grit and punch of blues & good old fashioned rock-n-roll. We would like to think that folks come away from our shows feeling they have seen something truly one of a kind. But in the end, we just want people to have as much fun listening as we do playing. Basically, a few hicks playing some kick-ass rock & roll. We hope you like it.



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