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East of the Wall

The Apologist is the apex of the East Of The Wall's lumbering history. This is a group that reinvents itself with each new album, a band whose members scurry off to a myriad of other projects, and return home with the scavenged spoils of new ideas. The distance between 2008's Farmer's Almanac and 2010's Ressentiment is a chasm wide enough. When adding in the perspective of past and present musical... excursions, such as The Postman Syndrome, El Drugstore, Argonauts, Day Without Dawn, and other related extracurricular endeavors, the breadth becomes harrowing, and vertigo ensues.

So now we come to The Apologist, the point in which these diverging paths meet and race towards the meridian. It merges the more melodic instrumental movements of the band's earlier material with the aggression of its latter works. Never has the band moved as far with such ease. Songs span multiple tracks and titles, and encompass a landscape of sonic topography.

The vocal elements, explored for the first time on Ressentiment, have been chiseled into a well-honed tool, and yet used more sparingly, often digging into the mix instead of towering above it. Yet when they rise, they do so with more authority. The most thundering moments of heaviness have taken on a new sheen as well, with an often terrifying beauty in contrast to Ressentiment's dissonant harshness. And in remembrance of Farmer's Almanac's sweeping vistas, there is a larger focus on purely instrumental sojourns.

The Apologist is the zenith of East Of The Wall's continued development, bridging its divergent routes and establishing the band's identity as one of the most adventurous yet powerful groups of the genre, whatever genre it is that you attempt to fit the band into.


Born screaming in Austin Texas, Pushmen come from a long line of heavy nobility. At its core are vocalist Craig Moore, guitarist Joey Cortez, and drummer Kevin Fender. All three are former members of the now defunct late 90’s thrash noise metal group ‘Employer Employee’. After releases on Relapse Records and Robotic Empire, ‘Employer’ called it quits in early 2003. The 3 spent the next 8 years in Austin’s musical wild frightening locals in numerous heavy incarnations. “I feel the time I’ve spent playing, writing and recording over the past 10 years has been in preparation for Pushmen” says guitarist Cortez (Also of Ratking and Sea of 1000) “this is the music I am supposed to make.”

So Hideous

So Hideous...formed in 2008 with the intention to make soundtracks for films that have yet to exist. Throat searing chamber music. An orchestra of guitars, bass, drum and boss pedals. Fusing elements of ambient, post rock, hardcore, black metal and neo-classical to craft a wholly unique, intense experience. To help achieve an immense and ornate sound the collective augments their studio recordings with the expanded instrumentation of strings, pianos and vocalists.

Black Table

We are a experimental metal band with members from New Jersey and New York.

LongArms (DJ Set)

LongArms is a 23 year old NYC based producer/dj from Miami. Influenced by artists such as Justice, Daft Punk, Louis La Roche, Vangaurd, Bloody Beetroots, Grum, Feed Me, SebastiAn, and Boys Noize, LongArms is taking ElectroFunk to the next level.



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