MUTTS (Live Album Taping)

MUTTS (Live Album Taping)

On August 16th Mutts will play their first 3 EPs in their entirety, with the talented engineers of Audio Tree Live recording the set for a live LP taping and triple EP re-release all in one!

When Mutts began in 2009, recording EPs was a spontaneous musical release from non-stop touring in other bands. They played local shows on occasion, but for the most part the band existed for a few days at a time in the studio. All three EPs followed the same timeline: book a few days of studio time, press record, arrange the riffs and rough ideas into songs, press stop. Mix the best take of each brand new tune (usually between 4 and 6), press CDs, give 'em away for free.

Beginning in 2011, Mutts began playing together full-time. Since then they've played over 200 shows across 15 states, and released 32 more songs on three full-length albums.

Now in 2013, the genesis of Mutts - those three raw and rugged EPs - seems to be buried and becoming forgotten beneath so much new music. So while writing their 4th LP this year, Mutts would like to pause and shine a little light on their humble beginnings.

Instead of just re-printing their seminal recordings in a spiffy new "collector's edition," Mutts will re-record all 14 songs front-to-back in a live setting. Download the EPs, come out to the show, sing along, and be a part of the next Mutts release!

The Tells of Parallels EP (Oct 2010)
We Float EP (May 2010)
Pretty Pictures EP (Oct 2009)

Myles Coyne & the Rusty Nickel Band

Kellen & Me

Kellen & Me is transversing new ground with his unique sound that emanates from this one-man ensemble. Kellen plays an electro-indie-folk-rock that evokes a sense of both future and past. His debut album is a blend of old style 1960's Lo-Fi rock, with High-Fi, philharmonic results.

$5.00 - $8.00


Purchase a presale ticket and be entered to win a $25 bar tab courtesy of Wine From The Moon & Harmonica Dunn!!

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