Scarlet Canary

Scarlet Canary

The Canary is OUT of the cage!
Scarlet Canary started with two friends in a college dorm room as a Three days grace cover band. A few late nights and a case or two of monster later, Allen asked his girlfriend Hannah to listen to the song and sing the lyrics. Soon she was part of the band. After that, the band auditioned a few different drummers and guitarists, none of which seemed to be the right fit. But after a long search, the band found Ryan on craigslist and ten minutes into the audition, they knew he was the person they had been looking for. The last two members to join the band were Jacob "swampman" as rhythm and John on bass. Both added their own special talents to the band and made scarlet canary one of the up and coming hard rock bands in northern colorado. We have some shows coming up in the near future so if you like what you hear, then PROMOTE and COME SEE US LIVE! We look forward to seeing you at our shows and will continue to bring you more originals, covers, videos, and merch.

Expired Empire

Expired Empire offers a unique sound to the ever increasing world of music. With a combination of powerful guitars riffs, thumping bass lines, driven beats and melodic harmonies its sure to change anyone's perspective on past stigmas. Knowing that music is the universal language of mankind, Expired Empire's musical arrangement has an unprecedented appeal. The undying passion within each member, has proven over and over again that friendships, hardships and vicissitudes lie at the base of musical ingeniousness. Music lies at the core of every man's soul, which has birthed the unparalleled sound of Expired Empire.

$10.00 - $26.00


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