L’anarchiste, the band, got its start in late 2011 when primary songwriter Rob LeCheminant asked a few close musical-minded friends to play some songs he’d been working on privately in a live setting. After dropping out of music school and an enjoyable but ultimately failed run with a previous band, LeCheminant found himself musically jaded and apathetic.

LeCheminant released a self-titled ep of songs he’d recorded by himself in December of 2011. The response was immediate, and LeCheminant and his new bandmates played their first show at Salt Lake City’s vaunted Kilby Court in February of 2012. Word began to spread, and soon the band was performing with the likes of Caveman, Here We Go Magic, and mewithoutYou, among others. They won Salt Lake City Weekly's “Band of the Year” for 2013 that June. Later that year they their first proper studio recording, a self-produced EP entitled The Traveler.

What their debut full length record Giant was originally intended to be, and what it actually became, are wildly different albums. Written in the foothills of Salt Lake City in the trees on a hammock by a creek, Giant is self-reflective and auto-biographical, yet woven into these personal narratives is an overarching theme of complexities human interrelation and the good - and bad – found therein.

The Golden North

Raven Marcus

San Francisco based, Raven Marcus, falls under the genre of 'cowboy glam rock'; which is mandolin inspired rock 'n' roll performed with lots of gold glitter and a hint of twang. Like, if The Slits morphed with David Bowie and had harmonies like a feminine Simon & Garfunkel, you'd be pretty close to Raven Marcus. We bring some serious energy and passion to our live performances, as well as at least one double-mini-washboard song in each set...!


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