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It's fair to say Strange Talk is passionate about pop, right down to the lyrics tattooed across the forearms of singer Stephen Docker. You can hear this passion and precision in their debut single 'Climbing Walls', a song that took them from a bedroom studio in Melbourne to shooting a film clip on a over-sized chess board in the middle of the Mojave desert.

Strange Talk is Stephen Docker, a former classical violinist from the Australian Youth Orchestra, and Gerard Sidhu, a DJ/Producer. At a house party in Melbourne, drunken bonding over pop heroes Michael Jackson and Queen – as well as new production outfits like Justice and Starsmith – inspired them to combine their musical abilities towards a sound that was classic in its approach but forward thinking in its production. The spark that flew was the track 'Climbing Walls'. This revved up dance pop track delivers what Neon Gold calls "an unwavering refusal to settle for mediocrity… with vocal chops that will set hearts on fire" – being the first melody ever written by Stephen, and his debut singing behind a microphone!

'Climbing Walls' hit No.1 on the Billboard's Uncharted Charts, No.1 most popular on Hype Machine, airplay on Radio 1, Triple J and Nova (as well as being Unearthed by Triple J), and receiving over half a million views on YouTube.

"Best known as the stick-wielding hurricane behind L.A. greats Sabrosa Purr, and Big Black Delta, Mahsa Zargaran has been quietly crafting her own beautifully dark and melodic tunes that are finally seeing the light of day under the pseudonym Omniflux.
The Iranian born musical prodigy wrote, recorded and produced all her own tracks – eerily dark and complex soundscapes reminiscent of bands like Bats For Lashes, Portishead and even composer Clint Mansell.

With the release of an online EP, and an artfully surreal new video, this “female force to be reckoned with” has been catching a rapidly growing buzz among L.A.-based tastemakers and bloggers with a sound that is truly innovative, unique and strikingly emotive. " -The Sunset Strip Music Blog

VIBES is a movement, a feeling, a place to stay.

Based in Santa Monica, VIBES is a project of varying influence, yet creating under a common umbrella: Pool Party Disco.

Comprised of G Templeton, Death House of Love, and Alex Slavin, VIBES is a project that bridges the gap between musical experiments and honest dance music. With soulful hooks, deep layers of disco synths, and a sunshine-like aura, VIBES is now building a small local following, with energetic shows to compliment their classic pop sensibilities. Not only do they bring live vocals to the table, VIBES also incorporates live synth and percussion into their shows, and has even been known to bring along a horn section on occasion.

With the release of their first EP, "Stone Floors and Calm Tigers", VIBES is able to showcase not only the sonic revolution that is the production skills of G Templeton and Death House of Love, but the one-of-a-kind vocal stylings of Alex Slavin. With a mix of Billy Joel-esque harmonies and a powerful delivery reminiscent of Huey Lewis, set to a soundtrack of driving and powerful disco, the sweet vocals and sublime lyrics really set VIBES apart from the pack of electronic dance groups.

Cream DJS (J99&CalCat)

J99 & Cal Cat

SFV natives and LA lurkers have gone from house parties to club nights. To eventually putting on events ranging all along the west coast. Always bringing you new up and coming talent as well as the latest music via their blog.
The blog features monthly CREAMCAST mixtapes and tracks released exclusively by producers from around the globe.
Bringing you the future sounds of what's to come next.


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