Smoke Season

Smoke Season

Smoke Season (n.) - A period of time defined by that which is evanescent, obscure and without result. "Until I heard the music, my heart was stuck inside a smoke season."

BuzzBands.LA - "New York City-born, UCLA-educated singer Gabrielle Wortman launched her career as rock frontwoman before segueing to the electronic project TEMP3ST. However, upon meeting fellow New Yorker Jason Rosen — the ex-keyboardist and guitarist for the pop-rockers Honor Society — things took a turn. And from the sound of their new side project Smoke Season, it probably involved some long drives in the desert. Neither the sexed-up music of Wortman’s past nor the Jonas Brothers-approved pop of Rosen’s, Smoke Season takes a cinematic approach to Americana on its debut EP “Signals” — woozy, dreamy and, yes, smoky. Don’t forget to inhale."

Revolution360 - "When Smoke Season's Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman came together, they wanted to create a sound that captured their youthful encounters in the great state of California. With their first release, Signals EP, not only does the group achieve this, but they render a listening experience unique enough to standalone in sound. Smoke Season blends psychedelic folk rock reminiscent of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, with searing electronic undertones in the vein of The XX. The result is beautiful story-telling that is musically saturated with the Old West, tumbleweeds, and a pioneering youthful spirit. Smoke Season captures the ears, minds, and hearts of listeners of all ages."

Record Speak - "The magical pairing of Jason Rosen and Gabrielle Wortman. Their voices perfectly compliment one another and their songwriting chemistry is clear right off the bat."


Manzanita is 5 guys who met at UCLA and formed a band after jamming quietly in their dorm rooms. Individual members were raised on different genres from Motown oldies and soul to classic rock, but found their common ground in indie music and a love for bands like Local Natives and Radiohead. They now combine their respective influences to make a soulful brand of indie rock.

Members: Matt Mizono (Guitar/Keys), Kyle Kuwatani (Guitar), Moses Sumney (Vocals/Guitar), Kevin Farzad (Drums), Kyle Graycar (Bass/Ukele).

Veronica Bianqui

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Veronica Bianqui has been performing on the live circuit since the age of 16. Since recently completing an Ethnomusicology degree at UCLA, she has performed less as a solo act and more with her newly formed backing band The Love Break: this has given her the full-electric rock n roll sound she’s always wanted.
Her songs explore themes concerning the dualities we face in our delicate daily struggles: love and death, happiness and sadness, madness and sanity. In combining elements such as forlorn and heartbroken lyrics with upbeat, major tonalities, her music induces a unique mix of tearing your heart out and uplifting you at the same time. With a style that combines elements of 60s/70s classic rock, folk, and often odd-metered, borderline-progressive phrasing and rhythmic structures, her soulful blend of indie-pop- rock is quite hard to pigeon-hole. And you’d never expect such a big voice to come out of such a small girl.
In addition to playing live and writing for her band’s recordings and shows, Veronica has also composed for independent films. Her song “Shame On You,” was written for and featured in independent writer/director Matias Masucci’s feature film Noise Matters, which was selected to debut at the prestigious Raindance Film Festival in London, England. She also recently completed writing several commissioned pieces for an independent Sci-fi film yet to be released.
Currently in the writing and planning stages of a much-awaited EP, she has been increasingly adding to the band’s repertoire and expanding their live gig circuit. With plenty more ideas up her sleeve, Veronica Bianqui is just barely getting started and has a long future ahead of her.
INFLUENCES: The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Regina Spektor, White Stripes, Tune-Yards


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