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Greevace, raw riff rock fueled by a punk attitude. Dealing with subject matter from, the paranormal, psychedelics, god, government and the unexplained. Greevace, much like a tank, the machine that precisely crushes and destroys, performs an honest, no tricks style of rock with a message.

Dirty South Revolutionaries

Dirty South Revolutionaries came together in the winter of 2004 in Charlotte, Nc. Each member had been
in other high-profile local bands based out of the queen city, but none had found their real niche in the
scene before DSR.
In February 2005 DSR went to The Milestone, a
favorite local club, to watch American Distress. After bumming the band's equipment for an impromptu
after-show set, DSR took American Distress to a typical Charlotte after party at the South Side Punx house. Apparently, one night of their antics and a short demo was all it would take to convince Tent City Records that a recording session was in order. Six months later their first album was rendered. Birthed of the
eclectic influences of DSR's unique members, spawned from the filthy streets of Charlotte, NC, prepare to have your ears assaulted by the sweet sound of The Dirty South!
Over the years DSR has endured ongoing member changes. They could have anywhere from three to seven members on stage at any given show.
With new members and new songs DSR focuses on live shows and touring.

Temptation's Wings

Battles, berzerkers, bizarre beasts, and bashing skulls. The trials and tribulations of ancient times. Pillaging and reciting grand tales of Bloodshed and Conquest. Trampling the weak and hurdling the dead, we aim to make each song a crushing tale of brutality from start to finish. Thick, roaring guitar tone, a massive, thundering bass tone, and drums that sound as if they were played with a warhammer. These are our sonic weapons of choice to bring our style of thrashy doom to life. We are a no frills, no gimmicks metal band from the shadows of the wicked old mountains of North Carolina. With influences ranging from bluegrass to classical, Amon Amarth to ZZ Top, and everything in between, we're out to bring our own brand of "brootality" to anyone that would lend an open ear. Check out our current EP, "WarMallet: an EP of Brutality", featuring March of the Barbarian Horde, WarMallet, and Conqueror of Giants. It is 21 minutes of ancient, unrestrained fury! And also check out our youtube channel under temptationswingsband.


There cannot be life without death... In order to Create, we must DESTROY.

Dark Sun Kult

Original Metal/ Hard Rock infused with Garage/Psychedelic/Groove and Space Rock

Like Legends

Like Legends is six piece post-hardcore band from central New Jersey. Working hard to pour their hearts and souls into music they can be proud of. This family started making music together in April of 2011, playing show after show and perfecting their craft. Dedicated and stopping at nothing to achieve their dreams, the bands first EP "Them Vs Us" recorded by Johnny Franck (Ex. Attack Attack!) is out now and available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and Xbox Zune!



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