Weekender Sunday on the Rooftop w/Fantastic Hosts

Fantastic Hosts

The Fantastic Hosts' motto of "Excess in Moderation" coupled with their libertine notions of individuality and social responsibility have led to their deserved reputation as celebratory professionals.
"The origins of the Fantastic Hosts are shrouded in obscurity, and tales of their exploits are perhaps best left unspoken. Some say their nativity dates from the detritus of an unspeakable Illuminati ritual, still others maintain that the Fantastics owe their existence to the blue-green luminescence emanating from the peculiar crystal (clearly of alien origin) that dominates their revelry from its dark pedestal. Perhaps the most conflict-ridden of these rumors, each veiled in its own sinister and whispered innuendo, is the outlandish assertion that the Fantastics are themselves extraterrestrials merely preparing humanity for the harsh and exhausting mating rituals of their native planet."



Come join us on the rooftop patio every Sunday where the view is spectacular and the vibe just gets better each week. 1st Sundays: Nutmeg and A.A present 2nd Sundays: Jiberish clothing presents 3rd Sundays: The 100 presents 4th Sundays: The Fantastic Hosts present special 5th Sundays: Submission presents

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