The Wicked End, Daimonic Grey, 9 Crown Monarch, Ketosis, Harbinger, Past Hope, Prosper or Perish

The Wicked End

Rock five-piece from Delaware.

Ryan McGaha (Lead Vocals)
Tommy Zackowski (Drums, vocals)
Mark Shorter (Bass, vocals)
Mat Cintron (Guitar, vocals)
Mitch Wessell (Guitar, vocals)

Daimonic Grey

Hailing from Northeast Philly and Wilmington, DE we are a progressive Metal Band consisting of former members of Satori & Solum... Bringing a calculated onslaught of sound to your ears.. We keep you guessing with a balanced mix of heavy and melodic and keep you entertained with energetic performances.

9 Crown Monarch

9 Crown Monarch is a Metalcore band based out of Lancaster, PA. They have shared the state with countless national acts!


Ketosis is a Philly based Experimental Metal band heavily influenced by Tool. Check them out!


Harbinger is a 5 peice Metalcore band out of Newark, DE.

Harbinger: "a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign."

Check out our single! l Post Modern |

Donny Martin -Vocals
Danny Martinez - Guitar
Owen Robinson - Guitar
- Bass
Kyle Hart - Drums

Past Hope

"When I'm on stage, I talk about dealing with depression because I don't think it's a fucking joke. I'm not up here looking for your sympathy, I'm not looking for your dollar, I don't give a shit. The reason why I'm up here is because when I'm up here, it's the only time in my life I don't want to kill myself. And we owe all that to every single one of you guys for watching us right now. Thank you so much for caring about our band." - Brendan Murphy, Counterparts

James Austin - Vocals
Xavier Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Shane Rash - Guitar, Vocals
Richie Long - Bass, Vocals
Andrew Kisielewski - Drums

Prosper or Perish

Prosper or Perish is a 5 piece Metal band from Philadelphia, PA, who formed in 2006. They recorded a 5 song demo, The Dawning, in 2007 at Nebula Zone Recordings. Prosper or Perish supported The Dawning by playing local venues in their Tri-State area (PA, NJ, DE). In 2010 Prosper or Perish recorded their 1st full length album, Defiant, at The Skylight Studios with Vince Ratti (A Life Once Lost, Bury Your Dead, August Burns Red, Circa Survive, Saosin). Defiant was mastered at Mana Recording Studios by Brian Elliott (The Absence, Graves of Valor, Paths of Possession). Consisting of 10 relentless tracks, Defiant is about surviving a confrontation with death, learning from the second chance given and finding one's true self without conforming to the daily trends of this world we live in. With Defiant, Prosper or Perish have truly found their sound, taking them in a much different direction than that of The Dawning. In December 2010, long-time friend and drummer, Joe Konopka, parted ways with Prosper or Perish. Less than 3 months later, they are back to playing shows in support of Defiant after having found & recruited a new drummer, Sam Shepherd, who quickly & masterfully learned all their songs. Sam has already begun shaping the sound of the band, by adding his diversely powerful drumming style to Defiant, which can be seen & heard at their live shows.



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