Hard Bands Gone Soft: all acoustic performances by Glass Delirium

Glass Delirium

Since conception, Glass Delirium has been exploring the depths of what it means to create. They are a progressive alternative rock band with roots in classical, jazz, pop, metal, and soundtracks. Vocalist Michelle leads this dynamic group with a diverse edge, teeter-tottering between the sultry and the powerhouse. She is driven by the atmospherically technical duality of guitarist Scott and pianist David, and supported by the rigid rhythmic manipulation of Aeon on bass and Matt on drums. Crafting a marriage between the marketable and the experimental, every song they write spins a web of individuality that radiates passion and pulls you by your heartstrings deeper into the stylistic niche they have developed.

Glass Delirium takes pride in their stage productions and their ability to captivate a spectator in an extended moment of passion. These events are renowned by fans and executives alike for their ability to capture the essence of the art, promote beauty within chaos, and extend a universal unity amongst all who participate. High demand for this entrancing elegance keeps Glass Delirium on their feet, whether they are supporting national artists or headlining, at home or abroad.

Novus Folium

Give all you are, or give no more. Not just a lyric, but a living mantra for the future champions of modern rock, the ferocious Novus Folium. The Denver sextet has captured the hearts of their hometown and now find themselves looking beyond.
Few bands in the Rocky Mountain region have enjoyed the type of success that Novus Folium can boast over the last two years, yet in their eyes they have only just begun. When the defunct Step Down decided to reform and collectively turn over a ‘new leaf’, they took on their Latin handle of the same meaning. Each change of the seasons since has brightened the future for the gem of Colorado’s rock scene. In the fall of 2010, Novus dominated the field of KBPI’s Best Band In Denver contest to claim the powerhouse rock radio station’s title on the advice of guest judge Shawn Crahan (better known as Clown from Slipknot). This victory opened the door for the band to throw tantalizing performances in support of Korn, Papa Roach, Drowning Pool and others in between headlining their own shows in the mile high city. Despite the bright lights the band has stayed grounded using their new found popularity to raise money for numerous local and national charities of varying interest, often forfeiting their entire paycheck as well as proceeds from merchandise. In the spring of 2011 they made history by becoming the first act ever to hold both of the city’s musical crowns when they won Westword magazine’s Best of The West contest, an intense battle royal spanning the genres and including all of Denver’s finest acts. While the passion-soaked performances have won the adoration of the fans, it was the band’s songwriting and unique sound that caught the attention of Jeff Kanan, the platinum record award winning producer and engineer who has worked with the likes of Madonna, No Doubt, and Busta Rhymes. Teaming with Kanan the band recorded their debut full length album, War Games, and plan to release the record independently June 25th, 2011. The band intends to tour the U.S. extensively in support of the album in the coming months. Ambitious and relentless, Novus Folium has its sights set at the top of the genre and beyond.

Seris - a Denver-based math-metal quartet with ambitions far exceeding the Denver local.

Drummer Robert Jepsen (ex-Downtied) first teamed-up with guitarist Scott Beckman (ex-Saoshyant), and began formulating the musical concepts of an odd-time and rhythm-based project in early 2009. Bassist Cody Goodman, then-bassist of Congress of the Crow, joined the two as a dynamic addition to the initial incarnation, and the trio spent several months fine-tuning their sound while patiently awaiting the perfect front man. That "front man", to the trio's surprise, came in the form of a charismatic and versatile front woman. Vocalist Melati Olivia, known in the local scene for her performances with Choke the Word, became the last piece to the puzzle, and the voice to bridge the gap between an uncompromising, poly-metric brutality and a beautiful-yet-powerful accessibility. The result of this combination is a modern style of metal whose musicality and technicality blend seamlessly into a focused and emotionally-provocative sound. Avid lovers of Tool, Meshuggah and early Mudvayne alike have a new band to which they can pledge their unwavering allegiance.

Ambitious right out of the gate - recording their first demo at Colorado's most premiere recording studio, the Blasting Room (Rise Against, The Flobots, and Tickle Me Pink) and coupled with playing their first shows at Denver's elite theaters, Seris will no doubt garner positive local attention, and will use Denver as a jumping board to the national level.

Stay tuned. They're gonna be big!

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