DrFameus is an electronic music project created by the versatile drummer, Allen Aucoin. Allen explores many realms with DrFameus ranging from breakbeats to drum 'n' bass to dubstep to techno/house. It is his ability to survey the crowd and then improvise that has allowed Aucoin to play in such diverse projects over the years.

Allen began his musical career not onstage, but instead in education and composition. This included instructing and writing for award winning percussion ensembles and teaching drum lessons. While attending Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts Allen was given the nickname DrFameus and it has stuck ever since. Like so many of us, college was not exactly a punctual time for Allen. He became known as the guy that was famously late all the time; so much that a friend gave him the honorary doctorate, DrFameus.

After moving back to the southeast from Boston, Allen continued to work as a teacher and percussion instructor while touring with the band “Skydog Gyspy." In 2005 Aucoin acquired his current role as the drummer for Philadelphia electronic act, the Disco Biscuits. Since winning the “drum off” held by the Biscuits in Atlantic City, Allen has played 450-500 shows with the quartet including shows at the Gorge Amphitheatre and Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

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Jesse Miller (bassist/composer for Lotus) has been performing and releasing original music and remixes under the name Beard-o-Bees.

For live performances Beard-o-Bees takes “button pushing” to a whole new level using several grid controllers (grids of LED buttons – such as the Monome), his own custom designed software, Moog synths and a melodica to play parts in real time, build beats, manipulate and mix sounds for a truly unique electronic performance.

The latest Beard-o-Bees release, Imperfect Grid, is built upon melodies, bass lines and sounds crafted using Miller’s analog synthesizer collection and meticulously edited to create dance-oriented electronic music. Tracks such as “Juneau Empire” contrast catchy synth hooks with quick cuts over a four-to-the-floor beat while “Lomi” is a cinematic piece of minimalism built on a deep, gritty two-step beat and expanding with layers of piano, cello and glockenspiel.

Munson Meeks

Munson Meeks is a pretty uncompromising DJ. For most people this is a hindrance, but for Munson Meeks it's his strongest asset. "I'm mostly into Nu-Disco but dabble with a little Deep-House. I just play the songs I like. A lot of times it's hard to tell what genre the song actually is, so I just call them Sexy. That's basically what it comes down to: Is this song sexy as hell? Yes? Of course it is."
And while his song selection is spot on, his seamless mixing is what makes him stand out. "When I listen to a mix, I don't want to be able to tell when one track ends and the next begins. A perfect mix sounds like one 2-hour song with a lot of different parts. So that's what I like to do. I take 20 to 25 songs and piece them together like a puzzle, so when you listen to the whole mix it's just one long, amazing piece of music. There is so much good music out there, it's just a matter of finding it and figuring out how to piece it together in a way that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts."
He may just play what he wants to hear, but he plays what's right. "DJ'ing is dictatorship. You stand there and force the crowd to listen to what you want to listen to. When you take a step back and think about, it's pretty strange. Yeah, I'm just playing what I want to hear, but I do it because I know it's what the crowd wants to hear too, they just don't know it yet. But once you play that track, everybody freaks out because it's perfect. I play my favorite songs because I know other people are going to enjoy them too."

Digital Beat Down

Digital Beat Down is a live electronica duo that fuses synthetic
textures and organic instrumentation to create dance friendly
compositions with a prog-rock twist. The distinctive feature of
Digital Beat Down is their ability to draw on the ethos of the DJ
culture while still providing the intangible live band experience. The
duo thrives on creating carefully crafted songs and multi-layered live
looping jams that invite the listener on a psychetronic journey
through the depths of dirty Drum & Bass, to smooth Deep House, to
Crackin' Breaks, or finished off by their bone penetrating brand of
sub bass driven Dub-Step funk.

The duo was formed in Denver, CO in the fall of 2008, by Andrew Lubner
on (drums and samples) and Nick Pilz on (synths, samples and loops).
Digital Beat Down is a high energy attack. Lubner mounts a relentless
assault on the drums and sampler pad, and Pilz thumps the low end
while he warps and weaves the dark melodies and subtle textures that
define the band. In their first year, Digital Beat Down broke in to
the Denver/Boulder scene and successfully toured throughout Oklahoma,
Arkansas, Illinois, and Wisconsin. With explosive live shows and a
tenacious drive, the band is poised to explode on to the national
scene and beyond.

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