DJ noDJ is a thousand-piece electronic dance band from Chicago. They specialize in re-creating the music of the best DJ's with "startling inefficiency."

There is no DJ in this band. What normally takes just 1 guy behind a lap top, now takes ten super-focused DJ noDJ musicians. The upside is that you get a 10 dimensional musical experience, with all the churning and grinding of a runaway train, that only a large group of separate humans can achieve.

DJ noDJ hit for the first time in May of 2012, playing two nights of a 40 minute Daft Punk set to two sold out crowds @ Martyrs. They feature all the members of This Must be the Band, Talking Heads tribute, plus Alan Berliant (Mavis Staples) on bass. He's the greatest.

Business As Usual

Business As Usual is a four piece dance-rock band based out of Chicago, IL. Forming in 2013, they’ve spent the last year playing high energy, multi-set shows all over Chicago. Each BAU show is a one-of-a-kind experience, taking the listener on a musical journey. Seamlessly blending elements of rock, electronica, funk, dub, and even bits of ska, the genre-hopping quartet is able to launch off into sections of exciting and memorable improvisation as they guide through different odds and ends of their catchy compositions. You've just been warned, your next Business meeting is mandatory.



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