The Waterboys

The Waterboys

The Waterboys “In their first continental North American tour in six years, rendering songs from their grand catalogue plus their 2013 opus “An Appointment with Mr. Yeats”

On drums, electric fiddle, guitar, earth resonator and waterkeys performing a selection of musical fireworks and improvisations with thrilling musical effects one night only!

With a special musical guest performance from Mr. Freddie Stevenson of New York City.

Recent press quotes reviewing their latest album, “An Appointment with Mr. Yeats“

...Mike Scott and the Waterboys can take credit for yet another triumph, a work that does justice to both their indomitable muse and a lingering legacy. In crafting an album that's filled with largess, they give their fans a work that genuinely seems destined for the ages.” – BLURT, March

Freddie Stevenson

Freddie Stevenson is a singer songwriter from Edinburgh, currently living and working in New York. A natural born storyteller Freddie trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. This training certainly seasoned his ability to perform, then he simply brought it to a different stage. Freddie first picked up a guitar at the age of eleven and never put it down. His songs and live solo performances are an hypnotic mix of poetry, humor and eerily beautiful tunes, that leave the listener's imagination soaring.

He's recorded several studio albums, the most recent being 'The City Is King' which was released Nov 2011. While recording a "blog of a song", and coining the phrase 'blongs' Freddie recorded 50 demos, which he released one per day for fifty days. Over the last few months Freddie's hand has been heavy writing his next album including secretive works that will eventually be revealed!

Freddie has dedicated his life to music and writing, however this year he is going all out! Knowing that the only way to get your name out there is to get out there, Freddie decided to live on the road for one year and record an album in different places, with different faces, and also different spaces. If you haven't heard 50 'blongs' than you are missing out on a Universal treat, and if you know the album well, then you've utilized the magic when in any particular mood. The coolest part about the album is the production, because you get to hear the demo and his first thought/idea of a song. I love The City Is King, but to have the contrast of a song and listen to how it unveils is so exciting! So Freddie's idea was to hit the road for all of 2014 and make music, then Freddie got a calling...

Mike Scott of the Waterboys graciously invited Freddie to support their US and UK tours! Wow! Thanks Universe! So this bus is leaving mid-Fall with a wide open road ahead, close family and friends always near, new friends on the horizan whilst adventuring into the dark places where dreams are made.

$45.00, $40.00, and $35.00


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