Cheyenne Marie Mize

Whimsical, haunting, dreamlike music that eschews the traditional formulae, Cheyenne Marie Mize presents a rainbow of contradictions. Her 2010 debut, Before Lately, has been described as rugged and gentle, innocent and forlorn, spacious and intimate, desolate and uplifting.The New York Times went on to describe her as "sweet without being cloying, weary without hopelessness," noted the vast space between notes, yet lack of air.

Indeed, her multifaceted songwriting does not fit neatly into categorization, much to the chagrin of the typical armchair critic. Guitar, piano, bells, occasional percussion, and honey-tinged vocals make up this simple, immaculate collection of vintage torch ballads, engrossed in twinkling bucolic imagery that showcases a soul twice her age. Everything from chamber music to Mazzy Star desert meditations, classic rhythm and blues sounds to nods toward The Carter Family can be found in some shade throughout her slow-burning debut. Of course, Mize, as demonstrated, is not content to exist in just one musical space, as her recent live shows move closer to ornate indie rock.

While Mize is a relative newcomer to the national stage, her prolific output helped to make her a staple of her native Louisville. After gaining attention as an integral but understated member of Arnett Hollow and Maiden Radio, she introduced herself internationally on the 10 release Among the Gold with Bonnie "Prince" Billy - a collection of late 19th century American parlor music handpicked by Mize and Oldham. Mize continued her alliance with Ben Sollee as a major player in the Dear Companion tour supporting Ben and Daniel Martin Moore's collaborative Sub Pop release in early 2010.

For 2011, Cheyenne Marie Mize will continue to command the front of the stage - touring heavily and writing new songs that will surprise those who've already gotten used to Before Lately. Cheyenne is an artist constantly in transition, and consistently exciting.

The Silent Comedy

Since 1996, brothers Jeremiah and Joshua Zimmerman have been fighting an uphill battle to pursue music. That year, their preacher father sold all of their possessions and launched the family on a worldwide adventure that included travels through Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and the entirety of the United States. From playing folk instruments in the foothills of the Himalayas, to drawing crowds around pianos at Spanish shopping malls, the boys kept their musical outlet alive by any means possible. Different elements of this life history eventually culminated in the formation of The Silent Comedy ten years later.

What started gaining momentum in 2006 as a loose collection of musicians, eventually evolved into a solid quintet of performers who turn heads for their wild live performance, genre-bending sound, and unique aesthetic. In 2008, the group recorded their eponymous debut studio EP with Brian Karscig (producer, and founding member of Lous XIV – Atlantic Records). In keeping with their DIY tradition, the band self-produced their follow up LP, Common Faults, in 2010. The resulting buzz from sold-out pressings of both records, and sold-out shows around California, have resulted in sharing the bill with such diverse performers as Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Razorlight, Switchfoot, The Black Keys, Common, MGMT, Cold War Kids, Flogging Molly, The Whigs, Delta Spirit, and more.

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