Random Hero

Random Hero is a four-piece active rock band from Denver, CO. The band enjoyed an impressive 2009. Not only did they play this past summer's Van's Warped Tour, they recently completed an in-store acoustic tour for Buckle and The Gap Clothing Stores. The band is also currently under contract with Armed Forces Entertainment for overseas entertainment with the US Military.

Random Hero also worked with MTV to film an episode of "MADE." Which has aired more than 50 times in the U.S. and overseas markets.

The members of Random Hero have worked and shared the stage with Agape fest, Cornerstone Fest, AMA Motocross, Transworld Motocross and Snowboarding, ESPN X-Games, Van's Warped Tour, Go Fast Extreme Games, MTV, Red, Trapt, The Veer Union, Three Days Grace, Reliant K, Brian "Head" Welch, Family Force Five, Emery, Wavorly, Skillet, Disciple, Fire Flight, Sounds Under Radio, Drowning Pool, The Exies, Dirty Little Rabbits (Feat. Members of Slipknot), Pop Evil, Seventh Void (Feat. Members of Type-O-Negative), Tantric and many more.

Random Hero is scheduled on the main stages at a number of large summer festivals in 2010. The band will start an extensive summer tour in May.

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine's Doug Anderson had this to say about the band:

"Local hero, Random Hero, just pushed out an EP specifically for some big record execs. If this EP is any indication, Random Hero will be Colorado's next big breakout act. Featuring five songs including their hit "Pull the Trigger," a song which pretty much captures what they're about, stadium-rocking anthems, thundering bass/drums, movie-esque keys, and maybe Colorado's best Metal guitarist, Josh Bertrand. Already playing the big festivals including Van's Warped Tour, and you may have also caught Josh on MTV's reality show "Made," where he tries in vain to coax a young high school wallflower into becoming a Punk-Rock singer to mixed results … I was scared for her. Check Random Hero out now, so you can say, "I knew them when."

Kenny Deshields

What comes from the heart, reaches the heart and thus does the music of Kenny. He is not “just another” anything, but an artist in its truest form, using his God-given creative ability to pen some of the purest expressions of love, soul, and passion for life while skillfully intertwining them in the melodies of song. Not a novice to the arena of music, Kenny began to play the piano at the age of 11 and has also found success in singing as a solo artist as well as performing with other notable groups in both recorded and live music. His singing has evolved from a mere demonstration of talent to his becoming an instrument of praise and worship. This is the underlying theme of his lyrics and the ultimate motivation for his life. It is what defines the artist known as… Kenny.


Female fronted and hailing from Central Illinois, Ashland is a Pop/Rock/Alternative band comprised of Asia Woodward (vocals), Aaron Wood (guitar) and Tom Shoaff (drums).



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