For us Nico Vega is a way of life. We are 3 people who play music together. We write as a band and help each other develop our ideas. The root of the music is the relationship between us. Nico Vega is about collaboration. We are a family and we honor each other by listening and allowing each other to grow. We push each other to be better and to carry each other when we feel weak.

Nico Vega represents a modern day saint. A warrior that has led us to a more fulfilling, lighter way of being. She represents people and unity. She fights for all of us and teaches us to fight for each other. She is an idea that has evolved into a message and she fuels us in our bellies. She is the person we are all capable of being, but she holds the bar high above our head so that we must reach to be better human beings. We all have honesty inside of us, we all know how to love, we are all made of the same flesh, and we are all stuck here together. Nico Vega reminds us that we can learn to fuse these ideas together and grow more solid as a unit of man. Alone we are lost, we fail, we grieve, we search, we struggle, we feel small. Together we are solid, found, loved, and powerful. We are our own greatest natural resource. Our ego falls away when we listen to each other. It is when we stop believing that we can learn from one another that we stop learning altogether. Only then are we alone. We are no different from each other; the same flesh, the same pain, the same love, the same heart. Our greatness is no threat. The more beautiful we are individually, the more powerful we are together. It is our Ego that betrays and lies and tells us that we are threatened when we are not.

You are a part of our family and we will always make music to communicate our love and gratitude for you. If you come to our show, throw your hands up so we can feel you... you will feel us.

Crash Kings

Just barely a year and a half after forming the band, the raucous, blues-infused stripped down complexities of the Crash Kings' utterly original urban rock has flourished. Regularly drawing capacity crowds at local indie music hot spots from the Roxy to Bordello, the Silverlake Lounge to the Derby.

The Crash Kings wrapped up their self-titled debut EP, a five-song tour de force comprised of some tracks familiar to fans and some fresh surprises. "You Got Me" feels the exuberant, soaring frustration of a jilted lover's rock anthem, while "Come Away" tugs at the heart but leaves your eyes dry and your head bouncing. The remaining three tracks on the EP sustain the infectious onslaught of amped-up melodies, tight, crisply expressive arrangements, irresistible hooks and first-rate musicianship that early fans of the boys have already come to know and love.

Tony and Mike Beliveau, two brothers from Boston, were already making music together their whole lives before crisscrossing the country in tandem and finally putting down roots in Los Angeles.

Tony moved West on his own in the fall of 2005, while in the process rediscovering the singer and writer parts of himself. In no time he was on a writing spree of lyrics, keyboard and power chord-driven tracks that inspired Mike to follow him to the coast with nothing but a duffel bag and a bass. That's where fate came into the picture when Tony played keyboards on Sierra Swan's 2006 national tour and met drummer Jason Morris, who was also playing in Sierra's band, and who had previously toured the world with Juliette & the Licks. By the time the Sierra Swan crew made it home to LA at the end of 2006, the seed of what was to become the Crash Kings had been planted.

Rooms Without Windows

Rooms Without Windows is :

Elsa Rae - Vocals
Hanna Smith - Keys
Chris Brower - Drums
Chris Turner - Bass
Corey Vitt - Guitar

$9.65 - $15.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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