Yao Guai

Yao Guai

Animal / Object

ANIMAL/object was formed in November of 2011 by Kurt Bauer, David Mead, Steve Gordon, and Gordon Pryor to experiment with the combination of Avant Garde Jazz, World Music, Home-made Instruments and Ambient/Noise forms. We believe in free improvisation in the Electro-Acoustic realm and record regular sessions devoid of editing or overdubbing. In the words of the late John Cage:"every noise has a note" and in the words of the late Albert Ayler:"music is the healing force of the universe". These two adages inform every thing we play if not as well, every fiber of our beings. Hear more at bangsnap.bandcamp.com or your favorite on-line music source.

Orbit Service

"This band is in a class of its own, where the more sociopathic side of Pink Floyd meets the twisted musical imagery of The Legendary Pink Dots and Edward Ka-Spel, as unlikely as it seems. Emotionally draining and highly recommended."
- François Couture, All Music Guide

Orbit Service is the musical project of Colorado-based producer/engineer Randall Frazier (helmet room, Bela Karoli, Kal Cahoone) produced in collaboration with Kim G. Hansen (Antenne), Dennis Swanson (Day Dissolved Dream) and Kirill Nikolai (Still Light).

"Atmospheric sounds of shifting density like time lapse images of weather patterns."
- Dave Herrera, Westword

"…this imaginative Colorado quartet gently weaves acoustic guitar, soft electric guitar, tranquil drums and often subliminal keys, bass and accordion into a dreamy mix…"
- Bryan Reesman, Downbeat Magazine

"Immense, beautifully epic sadness…."
- Amazon.com

"Orbit Service delivers an atmospheric dose of brooding, black hole rock. Eerie strings hang over the album like dark, velveteen drapes, and an ambient moodiness prevails."
- Georgiana Cohen, Splendid Magazine

"The group's layered, melancholic sounds will blow its listeners' minds."
- Kevin Hopper, Albuquerque Journal

Docile Rottweiler



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