Mr. Steak

Mr. Steak

They're back. Well they never really went away. They were just touring Japan for the last 20 years where they are still headlining stadiums...


Firepigs takes the idea of a "tribute band" and turns it into a blow torch of raw energy. Imagine the hottest moments from your favorite hard rock band exploding in 13 minutes of blazing power - that's Firepigs. Whether it's AC/DC, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath or something else your parents hated, in 13 minutes you will get all the greatest moments from that band. Firepigs is a spellbinding inferno for our modern world of short attention spans.

Black Mountain Breakdown (Zeppelin Tribute)

Black Mountain Breakdown comes to you from Bear Valley, Colorado. Founding members Jerrell Howard and Jon Roberts team up with Lead Guitarist, Cody Sickler and Lead Vocalist, JD Lobue, Jr. to create a Zeppelin sound that will blow your mind.

My Old School (Steely Dan)

In the late 60's, two erstwhile students from Bard College in New York discovered common interests in jazz, blues,
popular music and contemporary literature, particularly so-called Black Humor. By 1972, Walter Becker and
Donald Fagen released their first album under the name Steely Dan, and continued to produce some
of the most amazing, creative music to come out of the decade of the 70's and beyond.

My Old School is the culmination of the efforts of 12 professional Denver musicians
who feel a close affinity to what Walter and Donald created - no one else applied
jazz sensibilities to pop music the way they did.

My Old School will take you back to relive a very unique
collaboration in pop music history

My Old School will take you back and "Do It Again"!

Skull Full of Blues

Born in the backwoods of Tennessee, nurtured in the juke joints of Northwest Mississippi, and distilled in Denver Colorado. This is Skull Full of Blues...
Two-piece playing the Blues with a Punk it Delta Punk, if you need a name. Pounding rhythms, wailing slide and a whiskey-soaked voice all combine to make the SFOB sound!

$4.00 - $8.00


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