Learn : 3 musicians meet by what can only be called fate and discover a new powerful sound and unity between them that cannot be ignored and only explored......they continue to grow and grow every day as they craft better and better sonic offerings for those who would allow us to grace their ears with the music of Polyphonic

Death For Breakfast

Death for Breakfast is a progressive metal band formed in 2007 by Mike Rahoi, Josh Koltowicz, and 'Metal' Mike Rollwagen. The band formed in Marquette, MI and in 2009 moved to Denver, CO where they currently reside. Death for Breakfast combines the sledgehammer-force of thrash and death metal with the soul of rock n' roll, creating an aggressive, yet groovy, sound. The recent addition of guitarist Dan Nimmo has thickened the band's sound and allowed for even more musical exploration.

Death for Breakfast is:
Mike Rahoi: Bass/Vocals
Josh Koltowicz: Guitar/Vocals
Metal Mike: Drums
Dan Nimmo: Guitar

The Flying W's

Put on your sweater, pull that thread and get ready to rock!


Band Members

Peter Ruzicka - Guitars
Nancy Kirker - Vocals
Duane Dahlgren - Bass Guitar
Gary Sherman - Drums

$4.00 - $8.00


Upcoming Events
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