Dangerous Nonsense

Dangerous Nonsense

Westword's Critic's Choice of December 2011, Dangerous Nonsense is often described as post-punk or art metal. With an aggressive, radical emphasis on social justice reminiscent of the political punk of decades past, Dangerous Nonsense effectively fuses their deep passions with a raw, intriguing musicality that draws the listener in, forcing the listener to feel the mood they intend to set. Songs range from a deep growling "art-metal" (Jason Heller of the WestWord) to dance-inducing pop ballads with an underlying message that will rock you to the core.

After releasing their first demo in January of 2009, this trio's first full length recording is now in the works! Uniquely comprised of bass, percussion, emotionally driven and theatrical vocals (and the occasional flute), the heavy, intense, fun stage show these women put on will leave you panting for more.

Upcoming shows: The Oriental 12/16/11 - All Ages and the Lion's Lair 1/27/12. Past shows include the Youth Stage at PRIDE, summer 2011, and venues across Colorado.

They always dress up to represent some form of "dangerous nonsense," so come check out their newest social critique in costume form!

Blame Gravity

We're a Denver-based band ready to break into the Indie music scene. In addition to our passion for music, we also have a deep love of humanity, no matter what your walk of life, culture, past, present, future, or religion - or lack thereof. We've learned so much from other cultures and people from around the world.

Above all, it's become apparent that music is the great equalizer. Forget genres, however unavoidable. An open mind can bring anyone together, but especially musicians. Because whether you rap, sing folk, dance hip hop, or rock out, we all have that same musical passion in common. We all know how to count time and feel the rhythm. Music, like an open mind, makes us all grow as people.

So explore the Earth; you'll never see all of its wonders. Life is full of problems, but it is also as amazing as it is brief and we should only worry about what we can control.

Bottom line: When you come to our shows or listen to our songs, we want you to leave those experiences feeling a little bit better about yourself, life in general, and humanity.

And never forget the words of Mr. Einstein: You can't Blame Gravity for falling in love.


Crashopper is an American independent rock band from Denver, CO. Formed in late 2011; the group's lineup includes Ben Ford, Jason Keena, Jim Lawn & Veronica Menard.

Crashopper traces its origin to 2010 when Ben Ford and Jim Lawn met while working at a crummy sales job together. To blow off steam after work, the pair would meet up over some beers and trade acoustic guitar riffs. Over the course of the year a few riffs began progressing into songs, and the duo began testing their music's mettle at open mics throughout Denver.

As the pair continued to write and perform they began the process of recruiting efforts for bass and drums. In the fall of 2011 Jason Keena was introduced to the band and with Keena on bass, the duo became a trio.

The three-piece began rehearsing and writing together, with Lawn sitting in on drums while the search for a permanent drummer continued into early 2012.

Frustrated with the auditions and anxious to begin playing live, the trio decided to name the band and start booking shows. It was decided that trading off drum, guitar and bass duties would suffice, and the band became Crashopper.

The spring of 2012 saw the debut of the band performing live. The summer was dedicated to building and expanding both original and cover catalogues.

The fall of 2012 kicked off with Crashopper's return to the stage, as well as the introduction of a new member, Veronica Menard, on Violin. By the end of the year the band released their first feature studio EP.

In 2013 the band plans to continue to play live shows and hopes to record and release a full length studio album.

Jessa Raskin

A Denver, CO based Singer/Songwriter /Musician bringing deeply personal lyrics to soulful melodies with an honest voice. Borrowing from a love of hip-hop, funk, folk and electronic music, Jessa brings a genre-defying sound to listeners and a 'nothing to hide' personality to the stage. Intimate live performances offset her collaborations with multiple hip-hop artists and DJ's all over the country, making her a highly diverse artist.


After spending seven years in New Orleans immersed in the arts, Anthony Taylor has returned home and founded what has become one of the more creative bands in Colorado. Kongtoss (a reference to low grade Mardi Gras beads) could be described as somewhere between high-energy world music and heavy art rock. “My favorite response so far”, says Taylor, “is that I sound like Billie Holiday if she were a crazy white boy”. Completing the cast with authority are Shawn McGuire (percussion), Eric Davies (guitar), and Mike O'Neil (bass). In a musical landscape of homogenized rock and roll cheeseburger commercials, Kongtoss has picked up the flag for anyone still interested in something different.

$4.00 - $8.00


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