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Friend Roulette

Aptly named Brooklyn collective Friend Roulette brings together, per their Twitter bio, “violin/bassClarinet/EWI/ 2-4 drummers/3voices/moog/guitar” in service of forward-thinking, off-kilter chamber pop. Their forthcoming Grow Younger EP is bursting with imagination; it’s the sort of record where dignified string arrangements bleed into gauche prog-rock synth lines and twee-inflected ballads bloom into psych stompers - credit: Stereogum

"Brooklyn's most whimsical chamber pop outfit"- L Magazine

"Their songs are eclectically and musical in the purest sense of the word, the way Van Dyke Parks's music is real musician's stuff." - The Austinist SXSW review

"Friend Roulette never gives away the plot, but the distinct pleasure of discovering their dreamy Cabaret texture is enough to keep your ears duly occupied during the journey. - THE DELI

Friend Roulette has been adding members to their ding dang of musical friends since John got back from summer camp. Sounding like a concoction of Van Dyke Parks, Robert Wyatt and Aaliyah, Friend Roulette creates somewhat of an whimsical psychedelic chamber pop con cojones. With 2 drummers, violin, bass clarinet, ewi (electronic wind instrument) & the occasional string quartet, its a ding dang of a live show.

Charles and Michael met at a Russian bath house in 2008. In their spare time they enjoy loitering around Coney Island and drinking Madeira in a Bushwick basement.

Bridges & Powerlines

Their music is equal parts grandiosity and intimacy: psych-informed, experimental songs with chamber pop strings and horns, gospel-influenced percussion, dense backing vocals, looped guitar riffs and propulsive bass lines. Citing indie forefathers the Zombies, Guided by Voices and the Elephant 6 Collective as a starting point, the band lovingly terms their music 'optimist fuzz pop.'

Meeting in New York City in late 2005, the members of Bridges and Powerlines realized a common love for intricately arranged three-minute pop songs. The debut EP that followed met with critical acclaim, described as "an exhilarating racket," (sixeyes) and "a taught example of why [Bridges and Powerlines] should be added to your list of bands to watch." (

Experimental, Glam, Powerpop band from New York City on BlackOutTrain ReDTROTBOT is comprised of three musicians from the Bronx and Queens, who have have conducted improvisatory research and pursued composition projects in various forms for close to a decade.

The NYTimes called their sound "amount to an Alien Ballet; alike to so many Van Dyke Parks numbers refracted through burning sequins"

The current song cycle attempts a re-imagining of Edith Wharton's old New York; in a ceaseless pop onslaught, DTROTBOT weaves images of city nights and parties into a two-century long narrative on sundry personae and social scenes vying for control of spaces in neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn.Whether or not the lyrical minutiae are perceived by listeners at a live concert is of variable consequence; Allan's deep, driving rhythmicities, Pat's electronic textures and gut-wrenching bass, and Akiva's brutal naturalism on guitar and voice amount to the awe-inspring, and community forming, dance and rock experience oftentimes signified by that popular enquiry, "are you down to ride on the black out train?

They are currently collaborating with the Elizabeth Taylor Estate on a rock musical based on Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy, which will be released as an LP and live musical at St. Marks Church on the Bowery in September, 2013.cords.


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