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Peculiar Gentlemen

Peculiar Gentlemen, the unlikely duo of folk/rock guitarist "Sweet" Willy Jive and hip hop/dance influenced keyboardist E-Beats, have hit full stride with their sophomore album The Difference.
This time, backed by a full band and three flavorful vocalists, Peculiar Gentlemen have compiled what may very well be the ultimate road-trip soundtrack comprised entirely of original music. Tear into the open road with the raw New York rock anthem, "Nasty", before cruising through the enthusiastic sentiment of "Tape Machine" and coasting into the blues of love lost along the way in "Goodnight Kiss". Through clever lyrics, infectious rhythm, old-school soul and an extraordinary sense of humor, Peculiar Gentlemen move through genres with effortless ease..

Cass Dillion

Cass Dillon's performance is your ideal date-night show to check out. This NY native brings a soulful, upbeat, feel good intimate sound and performance. You will hear the subtle influences of classic artists like Steve Miller, Bill Withers, and Al Green. Cass is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who shares the stage with fantastic musicians and special guests. Lookout for hip-hop artists dropping by and performing a few verses on some of Cass's more hip-hop influenced songs.

Manwell Goodspeed

Primarily focused as an indie rock trio, Manwell Goodspeed infuses the long lost raw tone of grunge with rolling melodies that captivate to generate their signature sound. Based out of Williamsburg, the band draws on the energy of the Brooklyn scene, yet the sound they deliver is neither governed nor contained by the milieu from which it arises. While Manwell maintains its own sonic identity, one may note their musical influences shining in the details; a core of solid rock vis-à-vis the Chili Peppers along with an exploratory approach to songwriting with all the boldness of The Flaming Lips. As does Nirvana, the trio produces songs that convey an emotional depth yet all the while keep it interesting and hip in the vein of Beck.

Rexford is a band that was born in New York City. It's a chunk of Pop that was dipped in Soul and then sprinkled with Indie. With lots of original songs you can be sure of some rexy times.

Dig For Honey

Disclaimer: When we play our music, people may start doing inappropriate things.

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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