The Vibrators

The Vibrators

With a career lasting twenty-six years, vocalist/guitarist IAN "KNOX" CARNOCHAN, bassist PAT COLLIER, guitarist JOHN ELLIS and drummer EDDIE originally formed the VIBRATORS in February 1976, and their first gig was supporting THE STRANGLERS at Hornsey Art College in North London. They supported THE SEX PISTOLS at the 100 CLUB and were one of the bands playing at the now legendary 100 CLUB PUNK ROCK FESTIVAL, where as well as doing their own set they supported guitar hero CHRIS SPEDDING. CHRIS recommended the band to his then record company, RAK. The band's debut single "WE VIBRATE" came out in November (one of the first punk singles) and was followed two weeks later by CHRIS SPEDDING'S "POGO DANCING" single with the VIBRATORS as the band on that.

Early in 1977 the band supported IGGY POP (with DAVID BOWIE on keyboards) on a UK tour, then moved to EPIC RECORDS and released the classic "BABY BABY" single, followed by their first album "PURE MANIA" which spent five weeks in the UK Top 75, peaking at number 49. A second single from the album--but a live version--"LONDON GIRLS", came out in the summer of 1977 and was promoted by a tour supporting ex-MOTT THE HOOPLE mainman IAN HUNTER. Bassist PAT COLLIER left soon after and was replaced by GARY TIBBS. The band released the single "AUTOMATIC LOVER" (March 1978), which not only reached 35 in the charts but also got the band on TOP OF THE POPS. A second LP, "V2" was released in April and reached number 33 in the British Charts, and is still regarded today as one of New Waves finest moments. JOHN ELLIS left soon after to follow a solo career and to work with PETER GABRIEL, and was replaced by DAVE BIRCH, whilst a fifth member was added with keyboard/saxophonist DON SNOW. However this line up of the band only recorded the "JUDY SAYS (KNOCK YOU IN THE HEAD)" single (a UK No 70 single in the summer of 1978). There then followed a new line up of the band: KNOX--guitar/vocals, EDDIE--drums, with new members BEN BRIERLY--bass, and GREG VAN COOK--guitar. This again proved to be short lived and KNOX left to have a go at being a solo artist towards the end of 1978.

EDDIE carried on with the band, as well as drumming for THE INMATES (an R&B band). In early 1980 a more successful line up : KIP--vocals, EDDIE--drums, IAN WOODCOCK (ex-EATER)--bass, PHIL RAM--guitar, ADRIAN WYATT--guitar, signed to RAT RACE RECORDS. They released two singles "GIMME SOME LOVIN'" and "DISCO IN MOSCO", but the band split up at the end of the year.

The original line up reformed in mid 1982 (KNOX, EDDIE, PAT COLLIER and JOHN ELLIS) and signed to ANAGRAM RECORDS, releasing a new version of "BABY BABY". This was followed by a single and album both called "GUILTY" before the band moved to RAM RECORDS, releasing the singles "MX AMERICA" and "FLYING HOME" and the LP "ALASKA 127" (named after PAT COLLIER'S studio). By mid 1985 the band had signed to CARRERE RECORDS for whom they recorded the "BABY BLUE EYES" single before moving back to RAM for the "FIFTH AMENDMENT" LP and "BLOWN AWAY BY LOVE" single. By the time the band signed to FM REVOLVER in mid 1986, PAT COLLIER had left to pursue a successful career producing bands, and was replaced by NOEL THOMPSON for the "VIBRATORS LIVE" LP. JOHN ELLIS then left (to become a full-time member of the STRANGLERS) and was replaced by MICKIE OWEN, and NOEL THOMPSON left and was replaced by MARK DUNCAN. The new line up released the "RECHARGED" album, the "STRING HIM ALONG" single and also the 1988's "MELTDOWN" album. MICKIE OWEN left and was replaced by NIGEL BENNETT (ex-MEMBERS) for the 1990's "VICIOUS CIRCLE" LP. This line up of the VIBRATORS toured regularly, and released a string of albums: "VOLUME TEN" (1990), "THE POWER OF MONEY" (a re-make compilation, 1993), "HUNTING FOR YOU" (1994), and "UNPUNKED" (an acoustic compilation album, 1996).
In 1996, in their twentieth year, they started with a new line-up: KNOX--guitar/vocals, EDDIE--drums, with newcomers DARRELL BATH (ex- UK SUBS, CRYBABIES, DOGS D'AMOUR)--guitar, and NICK PECKHAM (ex- BIG BOY TOMATO)--bass, but by June that year they had become a three-piece (KNOX, NICK, and EDDIE). The band recorded the albums "FRENCH LESSONS WITH CORRECTION!" (1997) and "BUZZIN'" (1999). with the band doing extensive touring, (almost 100 gigs in 1999--including the USA and Canada), plus the release of many albums. NICK PECKHAM (bass) left in Sepatember 1999 and was replaced by ROBBIE TART (ex- HEARTBREAK ANGELS). In 2002 the band released a new compilation of the first two albums the band recorded, closely followed by a new studio album ENERGIZE, both on Ian Grant's TRACK RECORDS.

In September 2003 ROBBIE TART left and was replaced by PETE from Finnish band No Direction, and the band toured the US, and then the UK and Europe with the UK Subs, doing really good business.

In their long career the VIBRATORS have toured with the likes of IGGY POP, IAN HUNTER, THE FLAMING GROOVIES, DIE TOTEN HOSEN,and have had their songs covered by THE EXPLOITED, UK SUBS, GBH, REM, DIE TOTEN HOSEN, to name but a few. Now in 2004 the band celebrate TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS of making records and touring heavily. Get ready for another 27 years of PURE MANIA!

Brick Assassin

Brick Assassin is Hardcore Oi band from Chicago. Determined to overcome the ideas and cliches of Oi music. Powered by a pure aggro sound that is motivated to move the soul and empower your inner rage.

Voice of Addiction

Voice Of Addiction takes on the attitude that the punk rock revolution instilled in us, but infuses it with genre-mashing breakdowns. Sometimes described as a "unique refreshing slant to the rock world." Voice Of Addiction's members put their distinct personalities and experiences into the instruments they play and the music they write. V.O.A.'s music has an immense presence that builds tension and releases it at the most opportune times.

Teenage Schizoid

Teenage Schizoid is a melodic street punk band from Chicago, Illinois.

Teenage Schizoid is the spawn of lead singer and bassist Jon-E-Boy's desire to start an awesome punk band with his best pal and drummer Ricky Rogers. Sometime in late 2011, after numerous attempts at a much younger age, Jon-E finally decided to take initiative and spent an entire winter cooped up in a basement re-teaching himself to play bass at a much higher level and writing the lyrics to what would eventually become the first wave of songs by Teenage Schizoid. At this point Ricky and Jon had not played together since their old band, Half Brain, had disbanded sometime in 2008. Jon-E tried to learn from the bands fatal mistakes and hoped to use it as fuel for the next one. This was the main reason he spent an entire winter working on the music before the band even materialized, he wanted there to be a foundation in place so that this band could thrive and eventually become something he was proud to call his own.
After the winter, he and Ricky finally started piecing songs together and got back into the groove of things, as one might put it. Initially they started in Ricky's parent's basement where the two of them worked on the songs that would eventually become "Self-Titled" and "Exile And Abuse". At this point there was no certainty of who the guitarist would be, previously they had tried starting a band with a friend Dan (a.k.a. Danny Warbux) in which Ricky would have been on guitar and Dan played drums. It was deemed a failure after only a couple of meetings. Around this time the 3 of them were attending a party at Ricky's girlfriend's place (Ironically, soon to be lead guitarist Charlie was also here) and Jon-E found Dan in a room tuning a 12 string guitar by ear and singing along with it. "Why the fuck haven't we tried you on guitar and Ricky on drums!?" he immediately exclaimed. And so it was.
They soon gathered in the garage of Jon-E's parents, forming a power trio, and writing the rest of the band's current material. Months went by as the band played through an excruciating winter in Chicago, most of the time they did not have any source of heat (they later were able to acquire space heathers to lessen the frigid environment) but in their eyes this proved the dedication it would take to have a successful band.
On January 26th, 2013, Teenage Schizoid made it's debut, playing a basement show with local Chicago Punk/Hardcore bands. Within 2 weeks they had seen the need for and recruited a lead guitarist to solidify their sound. The aforementioned Charlie Diefenthaler was the final piece to the puzzle and, voila, the current lineup was born. Since then they have been hitting the Midwest hard and are set to record in the studio for the first time July 21st, 2013. To hear some live recording you can visit the bands band camp page

Out of the ashes of , now defunct, Half Brain, Jon-E-Boy and Ricky decided to start playing the same great punk music they once shared the stage playing. This time around, they called on a good friend, Dan, to play guitar to complete the power trio. After a few months, they decided this would not suffice and needed a second guitarist. Charlie agreed to play and the current line-up was born.

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